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Read Me First

This website is not like those sites which provide entry boxes for you to search ancestors by name - like the free Mormon site or paid-subscription Ancestry site.  

Maddox Family Website offers features and history to give you a glimpse of how our ancestors lived when they came to the Colonies and moved westward.  Some of the yarns and facts here have been passed down through the generations to help us understand how our ancestors really lived.  If you have such history of your own branch email us to see if we can include yours.

Yes, names and dates are important to us as individuals.  And we want to link our own lineage back as far as we can!  That will take some investigation on YOUR part!

This site does not seek to compete with database sites to flush out your family tree and its many name-birth/death date family trees.  We want to HELP you in your lineage search for those things  BUT MORE.... reveal how your ancestors lived!

Just Starting OUT?   Here's a detailed page of tips beginning your search.


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 MADDOX FAMILY BLOG.    You can contribute and see other comments by state (it's just starting out so there are FEW comments.   But also LOTS OF MADDOX AND GENEALOGY links.   And finally your questions, comments and advice as you search 

For link recommendations for us to modify or post new articles, email the name and URL, and what you want to (offer/correct /add to) send to the blog/site at MaddoxFamilyWebsiteKC@gmail.com 
Send email to webmaster

--b maddox, founding webmaster, Kansas City

A History  Essay asks Which Generation was the Greatest?

Do you have genealogy lists or old articles revealing how our ancestors lived?   How about important old photos of our ancestors--not unsmiling and all lined up?  But rather working and playing.  Photos of their towns, celebrations, farming, building things, going to war. 

Would you let us link to your own Maddox website or are part of another Maddox ancestry study group?

Simply email the webmaster, providing your links, any information that would be helpful to him (or the team) including what section of THIS site you think is the best place for it.  The webmaster, or associate administrators  will help create original pages and articles using copy and photos you provide.  Most sections are related to Parts of the Country, States, Military, Famous, Immigrants.

Note:  Please do NOT ask the webmaster for advice on researching genealogy, or finding your ancestors.  That's the part that contributors should be doing.  There are great resources and genealogists who are often very generous with their time.  And lots of material on line to help you look for your families.  Google is your friend!

Researching American History??

Click to see a vast trove of  Primary Sources LINKS for Research on American history and great historical documents.

Want to HELP?

Want to help form a team to keep this site up, including incorporating your own material within it?  This is a GOOGLE site using GOOGLE and GMAIL for access.  Webmaster will provide you with unlimited phone support on how to add to this site and if approved, provide you access rights to edit here.  The webmaster is not opposed to forming a shared ownership/editorial team or managing board to maintain this site.  Successful applicants should be experienced in genealogy, journalism, and history writing.  Website editing skills are preferred.   Contact the webmaster if you're interested and you have some time to devote to this site.