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As this Maddox webmaster set sail to learn about his family roots, I quickly discovered that the vast majority of the work on this family was already done-- much of it even before I was born--and certainly before I was interested.
I hit the motherload of information first with one Patricia J. Doster of North Carolina, who provided much of the early material or pointed to the way to it.  And not too long after that, John C. Maddox of Virginia wandered in with a giant Maddox lineage database --and enough names to start a very respectable colony!  And not long after that, Dot Bishop of Alabama and Georgia.  We have had an informal partnership to share with each other and with you. Others have been very active and are generally cited next to their contributions within the website's texts..

Bibliography/Links for Maddox Web Page by Topics

Mostly contributed by Patricia J. Doster, Brevard NC and  Dorothy Bishop of Fortson, GA

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Maddox Collateral Families
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    Credit for submitting to this website to: Pat Doster (North Carolina).

Welsh Roots
  • "Madoc & The Discovery Of America", by Richard Deacon (Some New Light on an Old Controversy), George Brazziler, New York.  Can be found in the Mobile Public Library, Mobile, AL. [Published in 1966, Library of Congress number  67-23398]
  • "They All Discovered America", Prince Madoc of Wales, (A.D. 1171)  In which a peaceable prince, wishing to avoid family unpleasantness, sails to America to find a new home.  Pleased with what he find here, he returns to Wales and solicites colonists.  In ten ships, his followers come back to America with him and profoundly influence a certain tribe of Indians.  (Mandan Indians).  Book can be found in the Pensacola Library, Reference/Genealogy Room, Pensacola, FL.
  • "Brave His Soul", by Ellen Pugh.  The Story of Prince Madog of Wales and His Discovery of America in 1170.  A memorial was erected at Fort Morgan, on Mobile Bay, Alabama, by the Virginia Cavalier Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1953.  It says in part:  "In memory of Prince Madoc, a Welsh explorer, who landed on the shores of Mobile Bay in 1170 and left behind, with the Indians, the Welsh language."  Book can be found in the Baton Rouge Public Library,  Baton Rouge, LA.
  • "Madoc, an Essay on the Discovery of America by Madoc AP Owen Gwynedd in the Twelth Century", by Thomas Stephens, 1898.  Book can be found in the Mobile Public Library, Mobile, AL.
  • "Of Men & Ships" Prince Madox - Discoverer of Mobile Bay? and "Madoc, Mobile and the Mandans", by Hugh N. Starnes, with Hank Black can be found in the Madoc file at the Mobile Public Library, Mobile, AL.
  • Perry, James G., "Kinfolk: A History of the Families of John Thomas & Agatha Victoris Maddox Perry," privately published manuscript. No date.



    Credit for submitting the above sources to this website through the generosity of:  Pat Doster (North Carolina) and her contact, Dot Bishop (Georgia), and her contact, Glenda Maddox Newton (Pensacola, FL), and Larry Maddox (Liberty MO, personal visit to Wales)

Misellaneous Sites for your Reference

    The American Colonists Library  Primary Source Documents Pertaining to Early American History; An invaluable collection of historical works which contributed to the formation of American politics, culture, and ideals  The following is a massive collection of the literature and documents which were most relevant to the colonists' lives in America. If it isn't here, it probably is not available online anywhere