South Carolina History

History and Census/Tax rolls of Maddox, Maddux, Mattox, and more...SOUTH CAROLINA - Page UNDER CONSTRUCTION

by (Terry Gladfelter)

One of the thirteen original colonies, South Carolina has had a rich and varied history 

The colony, named Carolina after King Charles I, was divided in 1710 into South Carolina and North Carolina. Settlers from the British Isles, France, and other parts of Europe built plantations throughout the coastal lowcountry, growing profitable crops of rice and indigo. African slaves were brought into the colony in large numbers to provide labor for the plantations, and by 1720 they formed the majority of the population. The port city of Charleston became an important center of commerce and culture.

By the time of the American Revolution, South Carolina was one of the richest colonies in America. Its merchants and planters formed a strong governing class, contributing many leaders to the fight for independence. More Revolutionary War battles and skirmishes were fought in South Carolina than any other state, including major engagements at Sullivan's Island, Camden, King's Mountain, and Cowpens. South Carolina ratified the United States Constitution on May 23, 1788, becoming the eighth state to enter the union.

The earliest appearing Maddox/Mattock in SC that has been found was in 1737 , in Craven Co .
Craven County was created: 1683, discontinued 1769 One of the original "counties" created by the Crown for administrative purposes.

A Thomas Maddocks showed up

9 & 10 June South Carolina Deed Abstracts by Langley Vol 1 page 320 and 330 Book S page 313 & 314

Thomas Maddock was witness to a Bond and a Lease and Release of Mortgage between William Simpson and Daniel, Thomas Laroche. Thomas Maddocks, mariner, to Samuel Jennings, mariner, both of Craven Country for 400lbs. SC money-400 acres in Kingston Township on Waccama bounding on Joseph Holder, Samuel Jennings. Granted by the king to Maddocks 3 Feb 1737 and signed by Bull. Wit: Thomas Jennings, James Craddock. Thomas LaRoche, JP. Robert Austin Register.

Thirty- one years go by until the next mention of a Mattocks/Medlock appears, Still in Craven Co, A Stephen Mattocks:

6 September 1768     Petitions for Land From South Carolina Council Journals Vol:VI  page 199 Meeting of Tuesday Sept. 6, 1768 pages 233-239. Warrants of   Survey and Certifying Platts read: Steven Matlock 100 acres waters of Santee. Page 239 of same book by Holcomb-Meeting of Tuesday! August 1769 to Certify Platts:  Stephan Mattocks 100 acres in Craven Country.

2 May1769   Colonial Plats SC Vol 9 page 419 Stephen Medlock mentioned. In Survey done for John Dobbins for 200 acres on Granie's Quarter Creek, the waters of Wateree in Craven County bounded by lands laid out for David Mathis and Stephen Medlock and Edward Miskelly other sides vacant. Certified 8 May 1769 , John Belton D. L. Nov 3 1772

1773 Stephen Medlock deed to Daniel McMullen 85 acres on branch of Grannys Quarter Creek, north side of Wateree River in Craven Co., bounded Stephen Matlocks, Sam'l. Milhaus, Arch'd. Dated 6 January 1773.

By 1774 a William Matlock is mentioned, along with Stephen.

6-7 June 1774 Deed Abstracts 1773-1778 by Brent Holcomb page 102 Book N-4, page 338-343: Lease and Release: John Fields of Craven County to Samuel Milhouns for 250SC money, 100 acres (Part 200 acres granted to John Fields 18 May 1771 Craven County on east side of Wateree River on southside of Grannies Quarter Creek adj land granted to Edward Kelly, land surveyed for William McKee, land which John Fields sold to John Philfer, land surveyed for Hugh Thompson). John and Sarah Fields signed the deed. Witnesses: Stephen Matlock, William Matlock, and Daniel McMullen. Proved 7 July 1774 before John Newman Oglethorpe- J.P. of Camden Distinct-by the oath of Daniel McMullen. Recorded 15 January 1775

Camden District Created: 1769 from portions of Berkeley and Craven Counties as one of seven original judicial districts. Split in 1798 to form: Chester, Lancaster, Fairfield, Kershaw, and Sumter Districts, and Camden was discarded as a district name. In 1800, most of the counties were transformed into districts, and the Camden District vanished from the map. York, Chester, Fairfield, Lancaster, Kershaw, and Richland counties all became districts. Claremont, Clarendon counties were combined with a portion of the Cheraws District known as Salem County to become Sumter District.

1778 MADDOX WILLIAM Camden Distric SC


1790 MATTOCKS JOHN Abbeville Dist SC 22

1810 MATOX BENJAMIN SR Abbeville County SC 028 No Township 00011-10001-00

1810 MATOX RICHARD Abbeville County SC 043 No Township  00100-10100-01
1820 MADDOX RICHARD Abbeville County SC 029 100010-20001

1810 MATOX WILLIAM Abbeville County SC 029 No Township  10010-30100-00
1810 MATOX ELIZABETH Abbeville County SC 028 No Township  30000-20010-01

1810 MATOX AUGUSTUS Abbeville County SC 043 No Township  20100-00100-02
1820 MADDOX AUGUSTA Abbeville County SC 029 100102-00100

1810 MATTOX CHANLER Abbeville County SC 030 No Township  11010-40010-00
NOTE Chanler went to GA and the to AL where he was in 1850. With wife Lucinda
Possible son was a George Maddox.

1810 MATTOX LANTY Abbeville County SC 044 No Township  20010-11010-00
NOTE A Lanty Mattox can be found on the Wilkes County GA Census...

1850 MADDOX HENRY Abbeville County SC  HH#1438 Page 92B
Maddox, Henry             30   male         Farmer         $890 Real Estate          Born: SC
                Matilda          27   female
                William           06   male
               George            05   male
               Amanda          03   female
               Sarah J.            01  female
1850 MADDOX POLLY HH# 1458 - page 94Abbeville District -
Maddox, Polly            58  female B SC
                Jesse            25  male        Cropper

1850 MADDOX BAZZLE HH# 1473 - page 95 Abbeville District - Saluda Regiment
Maddox, Bazzle            46    male        Farmer B SC
                Lucinda         35    female
                Elizabeth       13    female      In School
                Martha M.       11   female      In School
                Mary                09   female
                Henry              07   male
                Julia A.           05    female
                Fanny             03    female
                M. Frances    01    female
Campbell, Mary            60   female                Born:PA

1850 MADDOX WILLIAM HH# 2266 - page 148Abbeville District - Saluda Regiment
Maddox, William          30   male      Farmer
                Jane               30   female
                Bazzle             03  male
                Jasper            01  male

1850 MADDOX RICHARD HH#2307 - page150B Abbeville District - Saluda Regiment
Maddox, Richard         60  male      Born:MD  Cannot read or write
                Margaret       72  female   Born:SC   Cannot read or write
                William          35  male


1790 MATTOCKS JOHN Fairfield County SC 022 Camden District 1-1-1

1800 MATTOCKS CATHARINE Fairfield County SC 225 10000-10010-00
1820 MATTOCKS CATHERINE Fairfield County SC 149 000000 00101
1830 MATTOX CATHERINE Fairfield County SC 365 Fairfield  0-000010001

1820 MATTOKS WILLIAM  Fairfield County SC 149  100010-10010

1840 MATTOCKS ISAAC Fairfield County SC 185 No Township 00001-110001
1840 MATTOCKS J. Fairfield County SC 190 No Township  0101-010101

1850 MATTOCKS THOMAS Fairfield County SC 260 No Township Listed
James Perry  56 MW Fairfield     Planter  Value land $300
Elizabeth  42 FW  Fairfield
Samuel   13 MW Fairfield
Allen   10 MW Fairfield
Isaac     7 MW Fairfield
Eliza     6 FW  Fairfield
Joseph           1/12 MW Fairfield
Thomas Mattocks 18 MW Fairfield


1790 MATTOCK MACKANZY Orangeburg County SC 270 Orangeburg Dist So  2-4-2

1800 MATTOX MICHAEL Colleton County SC 175 12010-01001-00

1840 MATTOX NATH'L Colleton County SC 239 St. Bartholonew  00000001-0


Colonial America, 1607-1789 SC Census Index , Page 102
Mattox, Mordica   SC EDGEFIELD DIST.      1787

1800 MADDOX WILLIAM Edgefield County SC 183 10100-20100-00
1810 MATTOX WILLIAM Edgefield County SC 070 No Township  00010-31010-00

Created: 1798 Formed from: Washington District. Split in 1826 to form Pickens and Anderson Districts, and the name Pendleton was discarded as a district name.

1800 MATTOX BEN Lancaster Dist SC 18 10010-10100-00

1800 MATTOCKS SAMUEL Lancaster Dist SC 5 21010-10010-00

1820 MATTOCK JAMES Lancaster County SC 182 000001-00001

1840 MATOX MINOR C. Lancaster County SC 409 No Township  000013-0


1800 MATTACKS JOHN Laurens District SC 015 00000-00000-00

1810 MATTOCKS BENJAMIN Laurens County SC 029 No Township  30010-11100-00

1810 MATTOCKS JOHN Laurens County SC 053A No Township 10010-32010-00
1820 MADDOX JOHN Laurens County SC 015 310001-12110

1810 MATUCKS JOHN Laurens County SC 045 No Township  20100-11110-05

1812 Oct 8  Laurens County SC Records  Plat Book B Samuel Nabors 216 acres on Line Creek waters of Saluda River. Bound by lands of Robert Cresswell, said Samuel Nabors, Old Indian Line, Nathaniel Mattocks, Thomas Kinman, Cornelius Cargile, and Benjamin Maduks.

1820 MATTOX WILLIAM Laurens County SC 034 101001-12111

1850 MEDDOCK SARAH Laurens Co SC Sullivan Twp 302
Sarah (Sallie) Meddock  42 WF  SC
Martha                             16 WF  SC
Lucinda                            15 WF  SC
Waldeman Murff             38 WM SC
James R.                           05 WM B SC
 Connel O.                         03 WM B SC

1840 MATTOX SAMUEL Laurens County SC 044 No Township 1200001-11001

Laurens Co SC

1850 MEDDOCK TRAVIS Laurens Co SC Sullivan Twp 302
Travis Meddock  24 WM B SC
Cornelia                24 WF   SC
Sarah Jane            02  WF   SC

1830 MATTOX EDITH Anderson County SC 109 Anderson District01-10001

1840 MATTOCKS B. Anderson County SC 157 No Township 00012-2000101
1840 MATTOCKS TELLMON Anderson County SC 157 No Township 000001-00001


1840 MATOX MARY Kershaw County SC 368 No Township  1101-2000201
1840 MATOX SAMUEL Kershaw County SC 364 No Township  000101-000001
1840 MATTOX CYNTHA Kershaw County SC 378 No Township  1-20001

1840 MATTOCK JOHN York County SC 292 No Township 100001-100001

1850 MATTOCK REBECCA York County SC 288 York
Joel M. Carter  30 MW York District Farmer  Value land $150
Elizabeth  30 FW  York District
Rebecca Mattock   8 FW  York District
John F. McMackin 23 MW York District   Farmer Value land $1,000
Elizabeth  21 FW  York District
James ?    3 MW York District
Thomas C.    1 MW York District




1850 MATTOCK W. Spartanburg County SC 281 Spartanburg Township
W. Mattock  37 MW SC Farmer
Caroline  24 FW  SC
Jacob   12 MW SC
Perry   10 MW SC
Susan     8 FW  SC
Benjamin    1 MW SC