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Kansas Maddox's

Kansas- Coal Country Maddox's

  Some descendants of Samuel Maddox of Wales and Maryland made their way to the mining town of Weir in Cherokee County Ks.
The original Kansas Maddox  homestead was in about 1871 on land that they bought from the railroad that was Arnold Maddox and his son Samuel R Maddox they had back to back.  Arnold's nephew, Christian William Maddox had a parcel of land just to the east. They had all moved down from Appanoose County Iowa from the towns of Cincinnati and Centerville.

That part of Iowa, as in Southeast KS around Weir, was all coal mining.   These Maddox's all seem to farm as well as mine even going back to before Iowa and Ohio days; there had been farming and mining.

My grandfather Samuel Everett Maddox made his living from the coal in Cherokee County  Kansas and as he got older he operated a steam shovel and still later he operated a gasoline powered shovel with the name of Patti.
They were dark and cold places underground and the work was hard.   It was also dangerous.

Samuel R lost a son Arnold to the coal mines.   Arnold operated the cage at one of the mines that took miners down and back to the surface. 

The detailed Mining Accident Report". said there was a misunderstanding about moving the cage he was operating, and he fell to the bottom of the shaft (at right, a cage on display.)

My dad Arnold Wayne Maddox was named after that Arnold killed in the mines.

Arnold Wayne always told us boys how his dad Samuel Everett made him and his two brothers pick up and sack coal to drop off to the miners widows' on his  way home from work. The coal delivery was just a way of life, my great granddad Dowthard Scott even had his own open pit mine on his land, with a scale and a moneybox for neighbors to stop by whenever they needed they would load their wagons, weigh up, an drop the money in a metal box on the scales.

I can remember when I was small at being at the Weir Homecoming days.  Thousands of people,   old coal miners and families would come back to

Weir--a town with such early history as seen in old pictures.

It wasn't just a one lane Main Street as of now but then there was a town several blocks wide there was a band in the city park gazebo, tractor pulls, horse pulls, an wagons were everywhere cotton candy and carnival rides!   Yet just east of town, the ground was still torn up land and strip pits as they had always been--probably all dug by my grandfather Samuel Everett Maddox.

Over the years. as we went back to visit, the coal work seem to stop, and then some of the land was smoothed over and the old pits filled in.

By the middle and end of the 1940s most of the coal seems to be gone and my granddad and his Patti the shovel, were digging clay for bricks.

Nowadays on our visits its mostly good memories, and alongside the road there are still a few remnants of concrete pillars left from the days that Weir had a tram line and was one of the largest cities in Kansas. (Cherokee Co Mining-Ks Historical Society link)

You would not believe that now! It's a far cry from when the Creek behind great granddad's farm would run orange with alkali from the heavy rains. And most of the torn up landscapes and pits are now gone just a few left for fishing!

Nowadays you will see deer and turkey but the quail of my youth are mostly gone. It is now more like the time when my forefathers arrived.

 --Larry W Maddox

Research on Kansas Genealogy -

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Ellen Maddox, Weir, SE Ks,  writes in her brother's autograph book, 1911.

Searching for Treasure

Most of the Maddox kin have left the Weir area of southeast Kansas for other places.   But some modern Maddoxes trace their roots there anyway.  Here's a find from Larry Maddox called "The Kansas rocker, box, and ring".

Just a few early pictures from Weir

Lineage of this line to Samuel Maddox of Wales

Larry W Maddox   (author, Liberty, MO)
Arnold Wayne Maddox    1921-2006
Samuel Everett Maddox   1898-1948
Arnold Maddox                1823-1890
Rozzel Maddox                1781-1869
Matthew Maddox             1752-1831
John Maddox                    1705-1785
Notley Maddox                1672-1716
Samuel Maddox               1620-1684