Ohio Maddoxs

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Westward Ho!  Univ of Ks Website   Scene of a covered wagon traversing a shallow waterway in some plains location during the mid 1800's.  It's helpful to realize that before the Civil War, photography was a new invention and not widely used.   Since only the wealthy could afford oil paintings, we have virtually NO pictures of Maddox's before the later 1800's. 

The road to Ohio from the east coast where revolutionary war Maddoxes lived was, in part overland...and then by river.  Look at the route map in our  Kentucky section to see how some settlers treked over the short mountains to reach the Ohio River.  Some then settled on the Kentucky side and others settled northward, into Ohio--often disembarking at what had become Cincinatti, which was one of Ohio's most early settlements.

The Maddox Family

1929 Ohio Reunion

Maddox Family Reunion, taken at Mexanala Park, Zanesville, Ohio in 1929

Grandma Maddox of Ohio struggles on the trip

Click here for a story on the difficulty of traveling in early pioneer days.  The MUD was the worst!

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Iowa Farmer Writes Ohio Family Back Home About Farm Prices

Rozell Maddox was 76 when he wrote this letter form Centerville, Iowa to his daughter still remaining in Jackson County, Ohio.  On the wagon ride out to the west, they wintered over Indiana and were in several Iowa counties before arriving in Appanoose Conty, Iowa.  Interestingly, this Maddox talks about farm prices as he found them in Iowa back in 1857.  Rozell was part of the Samuel/ Notley/ John/ Matthew line and he died in 1869       --ltr submitted by his kin.

Centerville, Jul 16, 1854

Dear Son and Daughter--

I have a letter from you yesterday and was glad to hear that you were all well.  We are all well at present as much as usual considering our old age.  We are now living at Abram Reuben's.  He is now building a house on his place for us to live in when we will be at ourselves again.

  All of the people here that you are related or acquainted with are well.  The crops here are good.  The season is dry and warm.  Wheat is as good or better than it was in Ohio last year.  Oats is first rate.  Corn looks well.  I sold my mare for 80 dollars and sold my wagon for 65.  Had property for Dutch wagon, good two horse wagons are as high or higher here than in Ohio.

Ruben Stonner heard that you had another fine boy.  He says that is just like a Dutchman.  He says he is glad he is not Dutch.  But never mind, he and his wife will be a Dutchman in 5 or 6 weeks.

Give my best respects to all my old acquaintances.   Let Jacob Whitsel & Verlinda know we are well.  We Should be glad to see you & hope you may be able to sell & come to see us this fall.

I am certain this is better for a farmer here than in that part of Ohio.  There is no more sickness here yet than is common these days.  It maybe time will determine.  The price of stock & grain here is as follows:  horses from 50 to 25, work oxen from 40 to 100 dollars.  Cows from 15 to 25 dollars. Other cattle is proportional.  Sheep from 1 to 2 dollars.  Hogs get from 2 to 3 dollars a hundred.  Bacon 6 to 9 cents a pounds.  Flour 25 per pound.  Wheat from 80 cents to one dollar a bushel.  Corn 25 oats 20  Potatoes no price known.  Ground coffee I paid 1 dollar.  Tea from 75 to 1 dollar.  black strap molasses 50.  The dry goods 10 percent higher here than there, all of the above are plentiful and ready to sell.

I remain your parental & affectionate father

     Rozzell Maddox

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