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Maddox Webmaster's note:  In 1971, when I was in the service in Hawaii, I saw on the US Military Memorial at the Punchbowl outside Honolulu, the name Byron G. Maddox.  I have always remembered it for the only difference between this soldier's name and my own is his middle initial.  I have no further information on this soldier, who's name was on the wall surrounded by the beautiful mountains of Hawaii's Oahu.  Like the Vietnam Memorial, the Arizona Memorial, and so many others which pay tribute and rememberance to our war dead, I found my visit to the Punchbowl sobering and memorable to this day.

Following is a 1999 email to our site from Ceil of Louisiana:  I have no connection to the name MADDOX, but thought I would let you know that a GEORGE F. MADDOX JR was a 2nd Lt, Serial # 0-2972824 who was missing in action and later declared killed in action on May 29, 1945 while on a bombing mission over Japan in WWII.  The Air Force Historical Research Agency in Alabama listed his mother as next of kin - Mrs. Bertha A. Maddox,  Atlanta GA in 1944.  He is listed on the Missing Air Crew Report records with my mother's first husband who was also killed.  Their plane went down and no survivors were found.  Other family members who contacted me said the plane was nicknamed "City of Atlanta".  I was told that it was common to name the planes after one of the crews hometown. See my site about Bernard Yglesias at  members.aol.com/foxroam/yglesias.htm   Following is a letter (circa 1946) to the family of one of the crewmen aboard the same aircraft as 2LT Maddox:

Mrs. Doris Yglesias:

More than two years have elapsed since the cessation of hostilities of WWII which cost the life of your husband, the late Sgt. Bernard R. Yglesias.

Full consideration has been given to all available information pertaining to your husband since he was listed as killed in action while returning from a bombing mission to Yokohama, Japan on 29, May, 1945.

Information obtained from a statement accomplished by two occupants of another plane on this same mission discloses that your husband's plane was struck by flak over the target and one engine was feathered. ... The pilot of the plane reported by blinker code that his controls were shot out, that he had two wounded gunners aboard, and that his radio equipment was inoperative. .... Approximately 150 miles north of Iwo Jima the planes broke into the clear. About ten minutes later your husband's plane nosed down quite violently and plunged straight toward the sea......After circling this position and sending out radio reports for forty-five minutes the other aircraft left and returned to their home base....It was concluded that your husband and the other ten members of his crew were lost with the plane.

After a detailed study of the negative records of searching operations and pertinent facts regarding this case, the Department of The Army has been forced to conclude that the remains of your husband are not recoverable....express condolence to you who gave your loved one under circumstances so difficult that there is no grave at which to pay homage. May the knowledge of your husband's honorable service to his country be a source of sustaining comfort to you.

Sincerely yours,
Geo. A. Horkan
Major General,
Chief Memorial Division

Thanks for sharing, Ceil!
 West Virginian fights in the Pacific

Carl Owen Maddox, born in 1922 in Jackson County, West Virginia, enlisted into the U. S. Navy on 15 March 1944 and after training was assigned to the U. S. S. West Virginia, Battleship BB-48.  The West Virginia was badly damaged in the attack at Pearl Harbor, was towed to the shipyards at Bremerton, Washington and re-built.  Carl was sent to Bremerton, Washington  were he boarded the West Virginia for his term of service.
 The U. S. S. West Virginia was laid down on 12 April 1920 by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Newport News, Virginia.  Her battery consisted of 9 16 inch guns, 5 inch guns, 40 mm guns and 20 mm guns.  The 16 inch shells had a weight of between 2,000 to 2,600 pounds and 700 pounds of black powder was used to fire each round.
Carl was a Petty Officer, EM3, his service number was 928-78-59 and his main duty station on the West Virginia was in main battle plot in communications.  Carl was involved in the following battles, Leyte Gulf, Surigao Straits, Mindora, Luzon, Iwo Jima and Okinawa, all major battles in the pacific.
 At the battle of the Surigao Straits the West Virginia fired 16 inch guns and was given credit for the sinking of a Japanese Battleship, this taking place on 24 October 1944 at 0352 hours.
 The U. S. S. West Virginia was struck by a Japanese Kamikaze Plane on 1 April 1945 at Okinawa.  The Kamikaze Plane broke apart, the bomb broke from the shackle and penetrated through two decks, but it did not explode.  The motor from the plane penetrated several decks, just above where Carl was stationed.  The attack caused a fire and four crewmembers were killed and seven were wounded.  The proud crew buried their dead at sea and went back to fire support, firing 16 inch shells into the beaches of Okinawa in support of the landing forces.
 At the end of the war (15 August, 1945) the U. S. S. West Virginia sailed into the harbor at Tokyo Bay and was on station for the surrender on 2 September, 1945.  During the war, the U. S. S. West Virginia sailed for a total of 71,615 miles.  The Wee-Vee, a name used by the crew of the U. S. S. West Virginia was awarded 5 battle stars for her service in World War II.
 Carl was discharged from active duty on 18 January 1946 to reserve status.  He was awarded the following medals for his service to his country.  Philippine Liberation Medal with 2 stars, Asiatic Pacific Medal with 4 stars, American Area Medal and the Victory Medal.
 At the end of the war, Carl returned to Washington County, Ohio where he married Edna L. Ingraham and he worked for the Union Carbide Company.  Carl is now retired and lives on the Maddox Family Farm with his wife and sons, Rodney Carl and Jerrold Lee Maddox.
 Carl Owen Maddox was born 15 September 1922 in Jackson County, West Virginia to George William and Laura Estelle (Robbins) Maddox and he is a direct descendant of Samuel (Madoc) Maddox. Carl Owen Maddox 10, George William Maddox 9, John Amos Maddox 8, George C. Maddox 7, William Oscar Maddox 6, Matthew Maddox, Jr. 5, Matthew Maddox, Sr. 4, John Maddox 3, Notley Maddox 2 and Samuel (Madoc) Maddox 1.

Submitted by Rodney Carl Maddox
Washington County, Ohio

Marijon Maddox, served as USNR WAVE, 14th Naval District, Pearl Harbour, Daughter of Mr and Mrs John D. Maddox, CA

William Notley Maddox, Sgt.,  Asiatic and Pacific theaters, discharged Nov 18 1945

Byron C. Maddox, MAJ. pilot,  US Air Corps Instructor, US, discharged Nov 1945, US Air Force Reserve, Berlin Blockade through Vietnam, Discharged 1965, Kansas City Mo.

Alex Hudson Maddox , Pharm 2nd, USN Meidcal Corp, Asiatic and Pacific Theaters, Discharged Oct 1945.

Charles Cameron Maddox, 30th Infantry, European Theater, 3 sons of Chas Baker Maddox, la Grange GA.

Wm Maddox Pearson, Medical Dept 1st Lt, US, Discharged 3.1946., W. Point GA.

Fountain Alexander Maddox III, USN Air Corp, bombadier, St. Clair Co, ALA, son of Fountain Maddox II,  Discharged Dec 1918,  both US service.