WW I Maddoxs

Honored during World War I

Rodney C. Maddox, Washington County, Ohio

George William Maddox was born 13 October 1888 in Grant District, Jackson County, West Virginia to John Amos and Hannah Jane “Sis” (Conger) Maddox and he is a direct descendant of Samuel (Madoc) Maddox, [8] John Amos Maddox, [7] George C. Maddox, [6] William Oscar Maddox, [5] Matthew Maddox, Jr., [4] Matthew Maddox, Sr., [3] John Maddox, [2] Notley Maddox I and [1] Samuel (Madoc) Maddox.

 Private George Maddox entered the Army and World War I on 27 May 1918.  After training, George was sent to Verdun, France, where he was assigned to the First Army, I Corp  Plans were being made for the offensive at St. Mihiel, France, a short distance from Verdun, France, against the German Army.  The battle of St. Mihiel started on 12 September 1918 and lasted until 16 September 1918.  There were 550,000 American Army troops, 100,000 French Army troops, all under the command of the American General, General John Pershing.  The German army was 75,000 strong from the German Army Detachment C.  The German Army knew  he attack was about to start and they were in full withdrawal from St. Mihiel and there were no clear German lines.

 The St. Mihiel offensive began on 12 September 1918 with I Corp, made up the 82nd, 90th, 5th, and 2nd, divisions with the 78th in reserve.  The battle lasted until 16 September, 1918 and it was a complete victory for the Americans and the Allied forces.  The armistice was signed on 11 November 1918 which ended the war.

 On 14 September 1918, George William Maddox was struck in the right arm and left leg by German machine-gun fire.  George was badly wounded and knew that he had to get to the safety of the rear, he attempted to walk from the battlefield but he collapsed on the battlefield.  George laid on the battlefield for 2 to 3 days unfound; only his sheer will kept him alive.  George was found and taken to an Army Field Hospital.  Infection had set into the leg wound, the army surgeon had to amputate his left leg just above the knee.  George spent several months in the hospital in France, fitted for an artificial leg and discharged from the Army a year later, and sent home.

 George returned to Jackson County, West Virginia where he married Laura Estella Robbins on 30 July 1920.  Born to this union were two sons, Carl Owen Maddox  born, 15 September 1922 in Jackson County, West Virginia and James Ray Maddox born, 12 June 1933 at Parkersburg, Wood County, West Virginia.  The family lived at Ravenswood, Jackson County, West Virginia until 1943, then they moved to Washington County, Ohio.  George bought a farm in the Barlow area, but he was not able to do much because of his wounds.

 George died at Marietta, Washington County, Ohio on 5 May 1976 and his wife died at Marietta, Washington County, Ohio on 6 January 1977.  George and Laura are buried in the Rockland Cemetery, Belpre, Washington County, Ohio.  George was a kind man and served his country and like the Maddox’s before and after him, he served with honor and loyalty to country and family.

Harry Odell Maddox

 Harry Odell Maddox born, 28 October 1894 in Jackson County, West Virginia to John Amos and Hannah Jane “Sis” (Conger) Maddox, a brother of George William Maddox also served in World War I in combat actions.  Harry came through the war none for the worse, never married, was a farmer and worked in the oil fields.  Harry died on 24 March 1980 and is buried in the Drift Run Cemetery, Jackson County, West Virginia.

  My father, Harvey Levi Maddox served in the Rainbow Division in France during World War I.  My brother Harvey Leland Maddox is the person who knows most of our family background (he traced us to Wales) Jolly Maddox-Cook  (contact us with more, Jolly!)

Henry Maddox Brittain,  2nd Lt, 51st inf France at time of Armistice., Georgia Crawford Maddox,  Amer Expeditionary Force, France 1918-19, discharged Cpt 1919

WWI Pilot Maddocks?

Dear Sirs,
My granduncle Wilhelm Schulz,Germany, served as a
technical expert with a German pilot in World War I in
France. This German pilot was named Karl Stock and was
shot down in air combat by a certain Capt. Maddocks
near Villers-Outreaux on 3 of February 1918. Maybe the
Capt. Maddocks I look for, who won in air combat, was
a member of your family, respectively Capt. Crawford
Maddoxx. Do you know something about that air combat
on 3 of February 1918? I would be glad to hear from
Kind regards
Juergen Stutz
mailto: juergen_stutz@yahoo.de

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