Vietnam Maddoxs

Six Maddoxes are listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC.
Notley Gwynn Maddox, Colonel, USAF b 11/10/24, reported missing after his aircraft crashed; reported casualty on  1/15/79. Rockford IL

Marcus Wayne Maddox, Corporal, Army 101st Airborne, b 7/24/50, died of hostile wounds as a ground casualty, reported casualty on 6/16/70. Converse TX

Julius Maddox, Private First Class, Army 4th Infantry, b  8/10/47, died hostile ground casualty reported 3/22/68.  Detroit MI

Harold Wayne Maddox, Corporal, Army 199th Light Infantry Brigade, b 11/19/42, died hostile ground casualty, reported casualty 3/24/67. Steger, IL

Philip Neil Maddox, Sergeant, Army 1st Cavalry, b 2/17/35, died hostile ground casualty, reported 5/28/66.  Lincoln NE.

Paul Ray Maddox, Sergeant, Army 11th Light Infantry Bde, b 12/22/42, died hostile ground casualty, reported 12/23/67.  Massillon, OH.

To learn more about these Maddoxes and 50,000 other casualties of ALL surnames who gave their lives in Vietnam, as well as general information about the war, including maps and other very moving information, click out to the website showing Vietnam veterans the tribute they deserve: The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page

From the Webmaster.

I had occasion to visit this Wall...the tribute to the fallen of this controversial war who served in the time I also served.  I did not go to Vietnam.  At the time I was glad because I wanted to LIVE!  Later, I felt a bittersweet feeling for having missed the great adventure of my generation.  I grieved for my classmates sure enough, and have cried for having lost at least one friend there.  It is not a joyous moment to gaze on that frend's name etched in that black wall in the nation's capital.  We were so young, so optimistic then.  Our friends, whose names are on that wall, never had the chance to experience the love of these decades since Vietnam.  Most have not not fathered the children we have and lived the lives we have.  Their lives were cut short because they did their duty and as fate would have it, their time ended for having done so.  For that effort, we stand tall and quiet in appreciation for their sacrafice.

But those men are not forgotten.  Imagine.  Vietnam was the most recent US war that caused serious casualties and we pray that was the last of such a war.  Even in modern 21st century times, we cannot be assured of that.

 Imagine how Maddox families have cried over the loss of their fathers, sons, brothers, and cousins who lost thier lives in Korea,  WWII, WWI,  the Indian Wars, the Civil War, the War of  1812, and the Revolution.  Maddoxes are an historic American family.  We have done our duty since we arrived here!  We have been good citizen soldiers when we were called upon!

No Maddox has been President.  I haven't even found a Maddox Senator.  But we did our duty in large numbers...and some have paid the price no one really wanted to pay!   Those names at the top of this page are men who DID during THIS war.  Pause to think of them.  One is a Notley...a namesake of 300 years.  Others might be newer to the name...even decendants of former slaves!  Think of their families who have missed them for having died so early in their lives.   Know that genereally, only younger men give their lives for their country in military service!  Cherish our younger members who we fear may have to do the same someday!

If you know any of these half dozen who gave their lives in Vietnam, or wounded men not mentioned above, and feel moved to do so, send me any material of narration or photo that you can so I can help Maddox kin realize who they were and what metal they were made of!  We patriots already know they did not die or suffer in vein.  We who have served already understand that.  If you wish to tribute them should you have personal knowledge of them, do so if you wish by private EMAIL to: