Vietnam Maddoxs

Six Maddoxes are listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington DC.
Notley Gwynn Maddox, Colonel, USAF b 11/10/24, reported missing after his aircraft crashed; reported casualty on  1/15/79. Rockford IL

Marcus Wayne Maddox, Corporal, Army 101st Airborne, b 7/24/50, died of hostile wounds as a ground casualty, reported casualty on 6/16/70. Converse TX

Julius Maddox, Private First Class, Army 4th Infantry, b  8/10/47, died hostile ground casualty reported 3/22/68.  Detroit MI

Harold Wayne Maddox, Corporal, Army 199th Light Infantry Brigade, b 11/19/42, died hostile ground casualty, reported casualty 3/24/67. Steger, IL

Philip Neil Maddox, Sergeant, Army 1st Cavalry, b 2/17/35, died hostile ground casualty, reported 5/28/66.  Lincoln NE.

Paul Ray Maddox, Sergeant, Army 11th Light Infantry Bde, b 12/22/42, died hostile ground casualty, reported 12/23/67.  Massillon, OH.

To learn more about these Maddoxes and 50,000 other casualties of ALL surnames who gave their lives in Vietnam, as well as general information about the war, including maps and other very moving information, click out to the website showing Vietnam veterans the tribute they deserve: The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page

Lt. Colonel John W Maddox, Florida Flyer

Maddox (1932-2008) was from Lakeland, Polk Co, Florida and lived to age 75.   Grandson of John Luther Maddox of Odenville, who was a farmer, business owner and newspaper editor.

Maddox was lifelong in the Air Force and he flew B-25, bombers, T-33 trainer jets, and Air rescue C-130 Hercules transports during Vietnam.

While stationed in Japan, Maddox was sent on a search mission for Gemini 8 astronauts Neil Armstrong and David Scott in 1966.  Their capsule had lost contact as they splashed down and Maddox' plane was the first to spot them.  Maddox noted to the Birmingham News the spacecraft hatch was open and the astronauts were just sitting in the sunshine, eating their lunch.

He had won many awards including the Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal and a unit citation for his Vietnam service.  Part of his work was to rescue downed flyers behind enemy lines during 1968-69.  He had also been an instructor pilot, commander of an ROTC program at Daytona Beach and he finished his career as a flight instructor for a private training firm.

He was survived by his wife of 55 years, Sandra Carolyn Swann of Lakeland FL, sons John Luther Maddox, Tampa, Daughter Liz (Maddox) Richards, and sisters Dorothy Bishop of Fortson GA, and Mary Ann Moore of Odenville AL.


 Flyer Chesley Benton Maddox Jr (1930-2007.) of Bartow Co, FL. 
This officer won the Legion of Merit for action in Vietnam.  He was son of C.B. Maddox of Lakeland.

A genealogist, he wrote about military Maddox's in a family letter in 1993.  He noted progenitor Samuel Maddox (b 1634) was a Lieutenant in the British Army.  a John was a Colonel, and Samuel Maddox II was a captain during the Revolution.  Joseph Maddox was a Lieutenant in the War of 1812 and his son served as Captain in the Mexican War of 1846-47.
 This Chesley traced his ancestors  back to Maryland.