Kokomo Maddoxs

Honored during World War II

(Edited from the Kokomo Morning Times, Veterans Day 1964.)

A Maddox family in Kokomo, Indiana can boast a record of seven brothers who served in World War II, another who served in the Korean conflict, and husbands of two sisters who served in World War II.

To begin the Maddox story, all eight brothers were born in Kokomo and they all began their mlitary careers as pivates in the defense of their country.

And mom, Mrs, Clara Maddox was proud of all eight of her sons, including Captain Cleo Sherman Maddox who lost his life in an air crash at Bermuda in 1949.  Sports fans will remember in 1939 when Clee was chosen for the All-American second team while playing half back at Indiana University.
The family of eight had compiled a total of 54 years of active military service (by 1964) and two of them were still serving.
Charles Edgar Maddox was a history teacher at Kokomo High School.  He served in the Army during WW II in England and returned to earn the rank of Lt. Col in reserve status.
Floyd Harold Maddox served in the Navy during the war in the south pacific and returned to become a machine builder.
Joseph Valentine Maddox had (by 1964) 12 years of military service including time during the Korean conflict.
Garland Solomon Maddox went through paratrooper training during the Second World War and returned from the miltary to later become president of his local union.
A signal officer in the Navy, James Woodrow Maddox became a teacher at Pettit Park School.
Lewis Frederick Maddox served in the Army during the war and became a foreman at Delco Radio.
And Thomas Eugene Maddox spent his career in the Air Force.

In January, 1945, the family received a letter from then Secretary of War Henry Stimson to say "I can realize your pride ... and can assure you the appreciation of the nation.  You have given yours in abundance."

Towana Maddox Aldridge wrote that her grandmother "Mom" Clara Milligan Maddox had been Indiana War Mother in 1945.  She wrote these other notes:  James Thomas Maddox (1853-1923) was born in Kentucky and married Rosa Greer in 1875.  They came to Howard County, Indiana around 1880 to farm.  They were the parents of seven children, Grant, Inez, Thomas, Charles Courtland, Minnie, Leo, and Everett. Charles Courtland Maddox (1889-1977) married Clara Milligan (1893-1947) in 1910.  They had eleven children, including (those mentioned above, plus), Marian Louise, Clarabelle Rosalee, and Lucy Jane Maddox.  She wrote that the youngest of the eight sons, Joseph Valentine Maddox, later served in Korea and Viet Nam.

"Mom" Clara was Matron of Honor at the christening of the SS Kokomo Victory, a US cargo ship named in the Maddox boys' honor in 1944 at Baltimore.  "Mom" was also honored to christen the USS YO222 at Jeffersonville, IN, in May 1945.  The Maddox boys served a total of 69 years of military service to their country.  Pictured here in the 1964 article are Floyd, Joseph and Ed in the top row, Garland "Mom" and James in the center, and Lewis, Gene and Cleo Maddox, shown in the bottom row.