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The USS Maddox

What greater honor to a family member's name than a Navy ship be named after him?  The Navy christened THREE destroyers "Maddox"  after Capt. William. A. T. Maddox, US Marine Corps of Charles, County, Md who served during the early to mid 1800's.  The first USS Maddox sailed shortly after World War I.  The other two served during WWII; one during Korea and pictured here is a sailor's painting of DD-173 which saw action in the Gulf of Tonkin, triggering the Vietnam war.  See photos  and the Story of the US Navy ships and the Soldier Named Maddox

The American Revolutionary War 1775-1779 against Britain

Notley Maddox, Revolutionary War Soldier.
Genealogist Webster researched four Revolutionary War Maddoxes.  But we have others, including Pvt Matthew Maddox who served with distinction (photos pictured.)  See: Revolutionary era Maddoxes

Minutes taken in November 1774 "at a meeting of the inhabitants of Charles County Md. resolved that Notley Maddocke, with a number of other distinguished patriots, was appointed to represent and act for this County to carry into execution the association agreed upon by the American Continental Congress. Refers to Notley Maddox,died 1784, married to Elizabeth. Source: Fredonia Maddox Webster

The War of 1812 against Britain

The British, not having been satisfied with their military defeat during the US Revolution, fought once again to regain control of the Colonies.  This happened when the US was in major expansion.  The Brits retained influence of the American Indians, who already were deeply troubled with the encroachment of their natural lands by the British Colonists.

To see what Maddox's we recognize so far their service against the British in 1812, click here.  See Maryland Section under Christ Church for stories about the War of 1812 in Chaptico, MD and Francis Scott Key.

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The War Between the States - 1861 - 1865 - Brother against Brother

Maddox Rides with Quantrill's Raiders - story on guerilla war during the Civil War
Illinois Maddux at Vicksburg - detailed memoirs of a Union Colonel fm Illinois and Wichita
More Maddox Civil War Stories - General Lee writes about three Maddoxes; Maine Union Medal of Honor Winner
Confederate Maddoxes - Alabama Soldiers,  and Tips on How to get War Records
Overview of the Civil War on the South - The War, Reconstruction, General Lee and Pres. Davis

Maddoxes Taming the Frontier - early to mid 1800s

Thomas John Claggett Maddox  (1852-1885), son of James Thomas Notley Maddox and Briscilla Clagett of St. Mary's Md., was killed on patrol in New Mexico.  Maddox was shot by two Apache Indians in an ambush near camp as a scouting party was about to start.  He was riding near the front with his lieutenant when the first bullet wounded him.    Source: Fredonia Maddox Webster

The Great War, World War I - 1914 - 1918 against mostly Germany

The first Maddox's who served with distinction in WW I, a war of Europe, a war of attrition.  World War I was the first 'modern war", a war of mechanization against the Germans and its southern European allies.  It ranks second only to WWII as the most bloody and most costly war of modern history.  WWI first began in 1914 with two pistol shots beginning in the Austrian province of Bosnia--a war that began from long standing feuds of southern Europe.  Much of this war involved hand-to-hand combat in the trenches between the largest armies ever seen up to that  time.  New and improved weapons gave each side more efficient machines to kill the enemy.  Mechanized vehicles- tanks and trucks speeded up the war on land.  For the first time, airplanes and airships fought in the air and bombed soldiers and civilians.  Submarienes torpedoed merchant ships without warning.

More than 5 million Allied serviceman and more than 3.3 million servicemen of the Central powers died of wounds, disease and other causes. It was a horrible war fought in Europe...where the technology of weapons exceeded the advances of medical care to rehabilitate the wounded.  It was a war whose Armistice left Europe, especially Germany in economic shambles.  Sadly, the war did not end well, even though it ended in victory for America and Britian.  But its aftermath set the stage for yet another war, the second war. Click here to read how Maddox served in the first Great War of the twentieth century.

The Second World War - 1941 - 1945  against Germany, Japan, and Italy

For the first time, this was truly a war that took place all over the planet--first in Europe by a rogue German government headed by Adolph Hitler...and then spread when the Japanese who, coicidentally, were trying to take over the eastern hemisphere.  The Germans attempted to take over Europe while the Japanese tried to take over China and all of Asia.  Once again, the US entered the war almost against its will. At that time, America was isolationist--and was not so interested in the problems of the world.

Only when the US was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor in 1941, did America join what was already a bloody war both in Asia and Europe.  This was the first war when millions of civilians were killed by invading armies.  First declaring war against the Japanese for its infamous Dec 7, 1941 attack in Hawaii, the US quickly declared against Hitler of Germany and set about a two-theater world war by declaring against Hitler within days.  The US set its priority to defend England which was under seige by Hitler.  Once the European War was finally being won in 1944-45, did the US turn focus to defeating Japan in the Pacific.  It did so after beating back the Japanese navy which first attacked Pearl harbor, and then by island hopping back to the Japanese homeland.  While the war against Hitler Germany was fought primarily on land and in the air a mile at a time in Europe, the war with Japan was fought with naval and air campaigns that ended with the Atom Bomb being dropped over both Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.  Hitler had already been defeated in a hard-fought land war.   Japan gave up, only after it realized US technology in the new atomic age was no match, even for the Japanese which had pledged to defend its homeland to the last man.

Kentucky Maddox sailor perishes aboard the USS Arizona - at Pearl Harbor 1941.
Other Maddox soldiers were Killed in Action during World War II in Europe and the Pacific.
Seven Indiana Maddox Brothers serve in the War - Honoring a Maddox War Mother

The Korean War - 1950 -1951 against North Korea and later China

The National Archives Center List of Korean War Casualties by State
We have no submissions yet of Maddoxes in the Korean War but some are included above.

The Viet Nam War - 1965 - 1972 against the North Vietnamese

Six Maddox Names are found on The Memorial Wall, including a Not
The National Archives Center List of Vietnam War Casualties by State

Mideastern Wars

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