Thomas Maddux

Maddux Genealogy - Maddox Family WebsiteLike his ancestors before him Thomas B. Maddux was a planter.  His desire to plant in peace in the most fertile soil made him a pioneer.  In his lifetime, he farmed in Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri.  He made his sons and daughter pioneers as well taking them from one location to the next.  Born to Thomas Maddux and Elizabeth Dennis about 1770-1780 in Prince William County Virginia, he grew up in the profession of his father.  He married Jane Middleton Crabb, the daughter of John Crabb, in Westmoreland County Virginia. All of their children appear to have been born in Virginia: Alfred, Jane, Thomas, John William and Julius Augustus.

A Virginia Murder. Thomas Maddux (Thomas B. Maddux's father) was murdered in 1801 at age 61at his home in Fauquier County Virginia.  The court record states, "the prisoner's examination for feloniously murdering THOMAS MADDUX was continued, and in view of testimony given gave the opinion that Richard Maddux was not guilty of murdering THOMAS MADDUX, and was discharged." -Court Record, page 836, entry for June 22, 1801. This same Richard Maddux claimed the slave Rachel as a gift in the will of Thomas Maddux.  "Her husbands ancestor (Nathaniel Maddux b. 1789) had an uncle (Thomas B. Maddux) who was called to the door and shot down.  This angered his brothers and they started South and West." - Jessie Maddux, Springfield, MO.  The court gave Elizabeth Maddux her Right of Dower after the death of her husband: "all the land lying on the North side of the road leading from Ashley's Gap to Dumfries and the meadow lot between the two roads including all building appertances stables, corn house together with man Lott, boy Bill, girl Daphney, girl Charlotte (slaves), 30 barrels of corn out of the best crop and 250 lbs. transfer Tobacco." - Order of County Court of Fauquier dated August 1802

Family oral tradition states that he traveled through the Cumberland gap with his family and arrived in Kentucky.  Thomas B. Maddux migrated into this land sometime after 1812. He purchased 173 acres of land in Harrod's Upper Settlement, Garrard County, Kentucky, Gilbert Creek in 1818 and continued to add land to the farm. We visited this area and concluded that the farm land he had purchased is currently underwater.  It lies beneath the waters of the Dix Dam and Kentucky Lake. - Larry Maddux, Kansas City, MO

This location is some distance (7 miles approximately) from Harrod's Old  fort which lies in the present Mercer County.  In those days, Garrard County was much larger and included the counties of  Madison, Lincoln and Mercer. While in Kentucky, he served as a witness for two Revolutionary War soldiers pensions; since the Revolutionary War was between 1776 and 1781 he would have had to be born early enough to give credible testimony.  This makes an estimate of his birth in the early 1770"s more likely.

By 1836 he had sold his farm and was on the move again, this time to  Missouri.  We don't know all of the family members that traveled with him to Missouri but we know that Julius Augustus who married Martha McQuarry (shown in some records as Massie) in Kentucky did follow him.  By now he was an older man in his fifties or sixties.  He purchased land for farming in Ray County Missouri and was probably still a vigorous hard working farmer.  By the time of his death in 1845, he is in his sixties or seventies and states in his will, "All my children have received what I intended for them to have when they married." He also left land to his grandson Thomas B. Maddux (son of Julius Augustus), Ray County, Missouri". 

Some descendants of Thomas B. Maddux continue to live near Ray County MO (mostly in Kansas City) and continue the maintenance of the private Maddux cemetery which contains many generations of Madduxes and their wives.  The Madduxes also continued to farm in the area for four generations after the death of Thomas B. Maddux. Many of his descendants the author knows of left the area to Kansas, Colorado and California.    -  Kevin Maddux, Colorado

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1893-94 Maddux photo.  From left to right they are: Dave, Esta and their two children Zetta and Irvin; Julius Augustus Maddux II, Martha (McQuarry) Maddux, Martha (Turnidge) Maddux, Nellie, John Manley, Nancy (Maddux) Manley, and children including the eldest daughter to the right of Nancy;John and  Julia (O'Dell) Maddux,and their son Ben; Seab Cox, Rutha (Maddux) Cox, and their daughter Bertha (at their feet), Sid - Source: