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The name Notley Maddox
was to become a familiar one in Maddox lineage because progenitor Sam Maddox (1638-1684) was a very close friend of Thomas Notley, the seventh Maryland Governor.  Samuel married Governor Notley's niece Ann, beginning a successive line.  In fact, there were five Notley Maddox's in a row--and even today, Notley Maddox can be found in modern telephone directories.  It has been regarded as heritage that Notley be given as a name to both boys and girls--an honor begun by Samuel Maddox toward his good friend.  Genealogist Fredonia Webster has traced no less than five Notley's serving in the Revolutionary War!   Aside from Maddox men named Notley throughout American History, there is plenty of evidence about Maryland's first governour remaining in St Mary's County, including the Notley farm near Chaptico--not far from where Samuel Maddox lived.

Notley Maddox - first of a line of Notleys

Notley Maddox Sr. (10/1671- 3/26/1716) was the first born to Samuel (abt 1635) and Ann Notley (abt 1682).  He was godson of Governor Notley who later bequeathed 14,000 pounds of tobacco in his will dated April 3, 1679.  During those times tobacco was often used for currency.  At the age of only 12, Notley inherited the home plantation of 300 acres "The Green Springs Farm" at Chaptico, on the east bank of Wicomico River.  In 1694, Notley Sr. married Margaret Goldsmith (b abt 1675 d 9/1739).  She was the daughter of John Goldsmith and Judith Gerrard Goldsmith.  Judith was reportedly the daughter of the early settler Thomas Gerrard of St. Clement's Manor--a key relationship but not without some controversy among genealogists The Gerrards were a very important family in early Maryland because of their landholdings as well as the fact Margaret's Uncle Richard, the "gentleman adventurer" sailed from England Notley Port Tobacco to Maryland, arriving in 1634.

Notley Maddox Sr. (b 1671) died March 26, 1716 at about age 46, like his father.  His will gave the home plantation to his eldest son Samuel Maddox, (b 1696, d 12/06/1739) then 14.(??)   To his second son, Notley Maddox, Jr. (b 1698, d 1758) , he bequeathed 100 acres in Picawaxon Parish, Charles county.  He also mentioned his youngest son, John Maddox (b 1705, d 5/25/1785), and daughters Ann (b 1699), Sarah (b 1702) , and Jane (1703).  He names his wife Margaret executrix.  She, her brother, his brother Samuel and another friend were to be trustees of the children until they became 16 years of age.    However, Margaret, outlived her husband Notley for another 21 years and spent those years living in the homestead with her  unmarried son Samuel.  They both died very nearly at the same time; she reversed the disposal of her property.  She gave "to Sons William and Notley, one shilling each, to son John, residue.  To daughters Ann Mugg, Sarah Simms, Jane Voidry, personality, that is, the household possessions.  Samuel did survive his mother and his will gave the family assets to various of his nephews.  "The Green Springs Farm" went to Samuel's namesake nephew Samuel (b 1696. d12/06/1739), son of his younger brother John (1705) and Mary Dyson (1708).

Genealogist  Elizabeth Whitten, in her notes of these events, observes that with the coming of  Samuel Maddox's grandchildren, the Maddox's split off into two branches--one in St. Mary's County, and the other in neighboring Charles County, MD.

Notley Maddox, Jr.

Notley Maddox, Jr. (1698-1758) grew up and moved to Picawaxon Parish, Charles County, MD.  He married Mary Warren, daughter of prominent John and Judith Warren, from a gentry English family known for their castles in England.  Mary was granddaughter to Margaret Townley, a Colonial Dame. The Warrens were likewise wealthy people, descendants of a London merchant and roots back to the Magna Carta.  The couple had five sons, mentioned in his will, a document of important genealogical significance because of its authenticity.
1.  John Maddox
2.  Notley Maddox III (173?) stayed in MD, married Susannah Burch
3.  (William) Notley  Maddox (1738-1801) moved to Kentucky, married Violetta Tarvin
4.  Charles Maddox
5.  Townley Maddox

There were other Notley Maddox's during the 18th and 19th centuries so readers hoping to do research need to watch their dates,  birthplaces, and parentages very closely--do not make assumptions!  For example:

Notley Maddox IV (b. 1773) son of Notley Maddox III (b. 1731) and Susannah Burch, moved to Virginia
Notley Maddox (b. 1802) Mason Co KY, son of Hezekiah Maddox, son of (unproven: William)  Notley Maddox, above
Notley Maddox II (b. 1850) son of Notley Maddox (b.1802.)
Notley Maddox (b. 1751) St Mary's MD, son of Samuel Maddox and Lydia Turner

An example of the confusion, but not the only example, is that of Notley Maddox who married Nancy Ann Freeman in 1805, in Virginia.  Two authors, Roberta Wiley and Fredonia Maddox Webster disagree on where to place this Notley. More on this...

There were other Notley Maddox's, descending from the original Samuel Maddox-Ann Notley relationship in 1692.  To study the precise lineage, go to the Names Link and follow the lines down from Samuel Maddox.  (Photo credit: Pat Doster)

Notley Maddocke, of Port Tobacco Parish, ggson of Cornelius

Not all Notley Maddoxes were descendents of Samuel Maddox.    Read Diana Bara's account of one Notley Maddocke  of the Cornelius Maddox line.
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