John Maddox of Goochland VA

John Maddox Genealogy, Goochland VAJohn Maddox (abt 1667-1717) arrived from England or Wales to become one of the largest immigrant progenitors of the Maddox/ Mattox lines.  He married Margaret Kent and the family had six children in Goochland Virginia.  They would be ancestors to many Americans named Maddox and Mattox (great grandson Michael began spelling his name Mattox as did his descendents in TN and NC.)  Some Maddox descendents remained in Virginia  and others moved to western Kentucky and Georgia.

   Arrival is in question. While some genealogical tracks take families firmly back into Europe (Samuel Maddox of    St. Marys MD is an example), the John Maddox lineage is not so firm.  There are several possibilities found in  published works.  The most convincing places him as a 14 year old indentured servant who arrived aboard the  "Constant Mary" which left London 22 August 1681 and arrived December 2, 1681.  This "John Madox" (as listed  on the original port documents) was indentured to George Norell (Norwood, Norvall).

   The next most likely possible origin for John Maddox is from Pennsylvania Quaker records which show one John Maddock, a joiner, from Nantwich, England, arriving on the ship "Endeavor" in 1682.  He married Margaret Kent in    Philadelphia on 28 January 1690.  He sold his land in Tether Providence Twp, Chester Co in 1692 and apparently    moved away shortly therafter.  He ws cited in court several times for "scandalous remarks" against the proprietors of    the colony and disappears from the records shortly thearafter.  He was in some way associated with another    Maddock named Henry, from Loom Hall, Cheshire England, who transported a large amount of merchandise on the    same ship.  Cavaliers and Pioneers lists a Henry Maddock as a party in two land transactions in New Kent County VA in 1692 and 1690.

   The names and ages are right and the religion is the same for the ancestor to this Maddox/Mattox line and it is also  possible he could be the same individual as the teenage John Madox aboard the "Constant Mary".  George Norell  could have released his servant from indenture, thereby allowing him to take passage on a ship bound to the  Pennsylvania colony.  Ships from England sometimes did pause in Virginia to take on supplies before continuing to their destinations in New England.

   There are a few other less likely possibilities to be considered for the origin of John and Margaret Maddox of New Kent County VA.  The repetition of first-born names of "William" and "Elizabeth" in latter generations suggests    individuals by those names may have been progenitors in Virginia.  A William Maddox was a "chirugeon" or surgeon    who married Elizabeth Lyman in 1670 in Hampton Parish.  Records suggest this William may have emigrated to Virginia in 1663 or 1666.  He too is a Quaker and the temptation of assuming he was an ancestor is great but there    has been no evidence surface of children from this couple.  This William died without a will and no record of heirs.
   By John C. Maddox, Newport News VA.

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