Cornelius Maddox

Cornelius Maddox (circa 1660-1707) is recorded as arriving in Maryland from Great Britian in 1680.  Since both his birth and death dates are estimations, he was probably about 20 when he arrived.  This early Maddox immigrant was married on March 16, 1665 to Mary Smallwood (circa 1670-1737), daughter of Colonel James Smallwood.  The marital relationship is noted in  the will of John Smallwood, naming Mary as his sister and Cornelius as a brother-in-law.  Wm Hurley writes that Mary Smallwood would have been about 16 when she married Cornelius and there is a record that her father reported giving a gift of one cow and one mare to daughter Mary Maddocks in 1685/86.

Cornelius was a merchant and landowner in Charles County, MD.  On May 20, 1688,  Cornelius Maddock, merchant, and his wife Mary conveyed to James Smallwood 60 acres known as part of Tatshall.  This is probably the same Cornelius Maddox who during 1681 was allotted 1,800 pounds of tobacco, and then 1,050 pounds by the assembly in payment for public expenses (Vol Vii, Archives of Maryland.)

Cornelius and his wife Mary had at least four children, born in Charles County, according to records of the Mormon Church:

  • James (c. 1686-1736), married Mary ____, 4 children.
  • John (c. 1687), no further information
  • Benjamin (c. 1693-1770), married Frances ___ (possibly Frances Wheeler)
  • Edward (c. 1691-1771) who married Jane Speake (c. 1698) in Charles County.
Two more children are named from the Cornelius-Mary union by James Wade Emison,  a mid-20th century attorney of Vincennes, Indiana:
  • Phoebe Maddox (  ) married Joseph Clements
  • Walter Maddox (  ), described as a minor in 1720.
After Cornelius died in about 1706, his widow Mary married Robert Taylor and they had three known children, William Smallwood Taylor, Ann Taylor, and Elizabeth Taylor.

James Maddox, the first born of immigrant Cornelius, married Mary ____ prior to 1714, according to Parkville Mo genealogist Roberta Wiley.  She says he lived in the vicinity of Charles Town, also known as Port Tobacco and at the time of his death, he left a widow and four children.  The name of only one child is known with certainty, Notley Maddox (Maddocke) and a second, probably Walter Maddox.  A Notley descending from Cornelius is significant and illustrates that the Notley Maddox name does not guarantee that descendents must be of Samuel Maddox, close friend of Governor Thomas Notley.  It has always been common for people to name children after notable figures.

Edward Maddox, son of Cornelius, lived in Durham parish, in Charles county and Married Jane Speake, daughter of John and Winifred (Wheeler) Speake.  The couple had nine children:  Unkn named daughter who married James Skinner and had one son,  Ann Maddox who married William Brawner, Rhoda Maddox, William Maddox who married Susanna Dixon, Elizabeth Maddox who married John Posey, Jane Maddox who married Samuel Mordock, James Maddox who married Theodosia Speake, Edward Maddox Jr who married Elizabeth  ___ in Fauquier Co, VA, and John Maddox who married Jane Gray.

Benjamin Maddox, son of Cornelius, died in Charles County Md.  He mentions 14 children:  Mary, who married Humphrey Posey, Elizabeth who married Joseph Evans, Ignatius who married Sarah Gray, Phoebe, who married Francis Evans; Benjamin Jr, Thomas who married Frances Posey ( a cousin), Cornelius, George, Richard, Leonard, Lydia, Walter, Anne, Mary Anne who married Rhodum Posey.

Additional detail including dates and wills of this immigrant and his successors can be found in Maddox Family Records by Ms. Roberta Wiley, 1974.  The actual lineage can be found on this site in the Persons database.  We anticipate adding further research to the Cornelius line shortly and we seek help from website readers for photos, drawings and other research to illustrate it.

Author Diana Bara has some alternative and detail  views and discusses one Notley Maddocke of Port Tobacco Parrish, ggson of Cornelius Maddox.