Alexander Maddox

In 1635, Alexander Mattocks, (1613-1659) arrived in Virginia aboard the ship "Abraham" from London at age 22.  He married twice, had six children, owned large tracts of land,  had numerous slaves, and died in Northampton County, Virginia. The first really authentic trace we get of Alexander after his arrival is in the records of Northampton Co, VA, where, in March 1651-2, he signed the "engagement to be true to the Commonwealth of England."  In Northampton County, February 28, 1652, "Certificate was this date granted to Alexander Madox for 300 acres of land due by the rights of six people he brought into Virginia.  The Virginia Land Records at Richmond show that on June 10, 1654, "Alexander Madochs and James Jones were granted 516 acres of land lying in Northampton County at the head of Nassawaddocks Creek, the said land being due unto the said Alexander Madocks and James Jones by and for the transportation of ten persons into this Colony."

His first wife's name is known only as Elizabeth ____, the mother of his first four children.  After she died, he married Ellinor White who was mother to his last child. His descendents:

  • Thomas Mattocks (B abt 1637), married Sarah Michael, no descendents.
  • Elizabeth (Abt 1638), married Phillip Fisher in 1659), 9 children surnamed Fisher.
  • Ann Mattocks. (probably an adult in 1659), little known about her. 
  • Alexander Mattocks (abt 1654-1717), married Mary ___,  had 8 children
  • Lazarus Mattocks (bef. 1656-1716), married Sarah ____, 9 children.

At about 46, Alexander died, leaving Ellinor with two small children-- her son Lazerus and stepson Alexander.  She inherited a third of her husband's property and the rest was divided among all his children.  Oldest boy Thomas had been appointed Executor of Alexander's will.  Ellinor married twice more, probably by necessity in those difficult colonial times when the area was little more than virgin forest.  A few months after Alexander's death, Ellinor married neighbor William Bosman, a recent widower with five of his own children. The larger family moved to Somerset County Md with her son Lazarus and her stepson Alexander, who was about nine at the time.  Elinor was not blessed with husbands of longivity. After Mr. Bosman died, she married James Cain (Caan) of Somerset Md and he too became ill and died in only three years, 1670, leaving Ellinor a widow with children once again.  She died in 1692.

Half-brothers Alexander Jr and Lazerus, near each other in age, were apparently very close.  They apparently both married around 1677-78.  Each named a son for his brother and a daughter for his brother's wife.  Other children were named identically.

More information on Alexander's descendents

Information on this Alexander Maddox biography is found in Maddox Family Records, compiled by Roberta V. Landrum Wiley (d. 1977) of Parkville, Mo.  She reprints numerous wills, legal, and family records from Alexander's descendents, who remained in Maryland, Virginia, or moved to Georgia and Illinois. Other info from James G. Perry with other sources