John Maddox of Va

Soldier John Maddox III migrates from Virginia to Kentucky

Virginian John Maddox III (1762-c.1845) married Ellinor Aston 17 December 1789 and migrated through Tennessee to Kentucky in the 1790's.  He was a volunteer in the Revolutionary War from Goochland County, Va. during 1777-78 and served under Capt. Gideon Hacker guarding Hessian prisoners.  Later, Maddox  joined the main Army at Richmond, commanded by Lafayette and then General Washington.  Maddox marched to within 16 miles of little York and crossed the river to Gloucester to prevent the escape of the British in that direction.

After the war was over, he and two brothers went into Tennessee through the Cumberland Gap.  Afterwards he, his wife and  three children, started their journey to Kentucky.  He walked carrying his ax to cut a trail through the wilderness, and his rifle to keep a watch for Indians; his wife on horse-back with three children, one in her lap, the other two in two large gourds arranged into saddle pockets and placed on the horse behind the saddle - one on either side.

In about 1797, the John Maddoxes settled about three miles west of Beaver Dam, Ky on a tract of about 117 acres which was purchased from Phillip Caldwell of Franklin County, Kentucky.  The house, which it is reported that he built, is still standing, located on the flat ground between US-Ky highway 62 and the I.C.Railroad, before there was any highway or railroad.  His heirs sold the land to the Render Coal Company in 1870.  The Render Coal Company opened their mines there, and this was known as Render, Ky., until the mines were abandoned.

On the Third day of November 1834, he went before the Court at Hartford, Ohio County, Kentucky, George Wedding P.I. and Charles Henderson, Clerk, and was granted a pension as a Revolutionary War soldier.  It was said that he was allowed $40 per year, and that he rode horse-back to Louisville, Ky., once a year to draw his pension.  he died at Render and was buried there on the hill west of his residence.   A firm date on John Maddox III's death has been established ast June 7, 1844 in Hamilton Station, Ky.

Descendents of John Maddox III of Goochland Co, VA

After settling in  Ohio County,  (western Ky), John and Eleanor raise nine children:
William Aston Maddox, (1791-1886)
Susanna Haden Maddox (1793) m. William Higgins
Mary Boyd (Polly) Maddox (1794-1876)
John Jackson Maddox, (1797-1896)  married Amelia Render, Ohio Co, Ky
Sarah (Sally) Maddox (B 1799), Ohio Co Ky
Samuel W Maddox (1801) Beaver Dam, Ky
James M Maddox (1804) Beaver Dam, Ky
Josiah Maddox  (1807-1887)

Other Notes about the John Maddox line

While some genealogy lines firmly take ancestors back to Europe (like the Samuel Maddox line of St Marys County MD), others are not so clear.  The John Maddox line is one of those whose lineage is somewhat fragmentary--at least as known presently.  The grandfather of John III may have landed in Virginia as a servant at age 14 or landed in Pennsylvania.  We cover the immigrant ancestor in our Virginia section.