Historic Ancestors

So what genes do I have and how long do they last - do they go on forever, and considering all the conquerors of the world, has the slight almond cast to my daugher's eyes meant Ghengis Kahn's genes came down the genetic line to her? All those military types - Alexander the Great, Atilla the Hun, the Vikings who pillaged Wales - did they add genes to our stockpile? I don't know much about genes, but now that I have read the *Maddox Web Page*, think I'll read up, and soon!

Maddox is a mixture of Saxon, Norman, and ancient Britons with a little Viking on the side. I think we are are more mongrel than we care to admit! Whatever our forebears' nationality, however, we can't ignore the man named William the Conqueror.  There just isn't a more epic event than William's landing in Britain, and, like most conquerors, his Frenchmen raped & pillaged England.

The history books, dry stuff that they are, say William of Normandy defeated King Harold in the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and became King of England. That's when French blood was added to an already confused gene pool.  Vikings, Romans, Saxons and Britons in residence in England were of mixed heritage.  King William was the reason Celtic Britons fled to Wales & Scotland; that's the reason our Samuel Madog grew up in Wales: William the Conqueror couldn't fight well in the Welsh mountains.

But it makes you ponder genes.  I have traced some of my lines back to William, so it makes me mad when I read that only male lineage is acceptable in prestigious societies like Founders and Patriots. I don't think that's fair. We women have faced conquerors and gone on cooking dinner for centures!  We are the reason the species gets perpetuated!

I know my father and mother didn't have the field to themselves:  four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, sixteen gggrandparents. So why is my father's bloodline more important than my ggg-grandmother Martha "Patsy" Maddox Harris' bloodline? What nonsense - William had a Mother!

Thanks to "Remembrances of Wm the Conqueror" by Mario MacMaster in "Yeargin Family News," Winter, 1997. Reworked by Pat Doster.