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This Family Genealogy website points to early American subjects, places and families, product of your search: Culbertson, Finan, Harris, Dawson, and subjects listed below.  Click on the links found on this page to find names and dates in a database containing nearly 6,000 names associated in some way with the Maddox Family of the US.  There are 1300 surnames listed but the families below are substantively detailed on the Maddox Names database.  Historic places and topics are also treated in this 60 page website.  See below for historic names, text, and photos. Click the MADDOX SURNAME LIST database for these allied family listings:

Culbertson Family of Kentucky.  This genealogy link follows James Culbertson who died during his immigration from County Tyrone Ireland to America in 1813.  Of seven children, he had three sons who settled in Kentucky,  Georgia, and Pennsylvania.  This link follows some 300 descendents of the Kentucky sons and daughters raised by James' widow Jane.  Those decendents scattered later from Kentucky to Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, Mississippi, Florida, Michigan, and Arizona.  Click the SURNAME database on the Maddox Family Website to check names.  If you have additions to this lineage, Email the Maddox Website (Culbertson's my middle name so I'll keep it).  All Culbertson names I have are on this site and come from a rare old book on the family.

Finan Family of Kansas.  This genealogy link covers a large contingent of Finans of Ireland who settled in Kansas.  We do not have firm lineage back to the old country and seek to find such links.  Names here on the Maddox SURNAME database may be of help; for other Finan information not posted, some 5000 additional names of Finans and allied families which have a direct link to northern Kansas (descended of Michael Finan),  email the Maddox Website webmaster.  This is a privately collected database and it is not posted on the Internet.  However, an additional website of eastern US Finans (another line descended of Thomas Finan) can be found on a Finan Family Website.

Harris Family of Kentucky.  Locate key genealogy names on the Maddox Family site SURNAME list as well as text and photographs on the Maddox Family Website's Kentucky page.  A great deal of additional data can be found in the book for sale covering Harris of Maryland, Kentucky, and Ohio called  Snow Hill Remembered, by Heritage Books and it is in print.  (see website's Credits page.)

Kootsillas Family of Michigan.  The Maddox SURNAMES database links a Lithuanian family descended from Thomas Kootsillas.  Mikutas Family of Illinois / Michael of Illinois.  The Maddox SURNAMES database links a small Lithuanian family descended from John Mikutas.  Michael is a very common name, most assuredly comprising many European names; immigrants at Ellis Island who spoke very little English were told to change their names to Americanized ones.  This link only leads to the Michael family descended from Mikutas.

The Maddox Family Website also provides pictures and text for the following names:
  Thomas Notley, Cecelius Calvert, Lord Baltimore, Humphrey Warren, Norwich Castle, Thomas Gerrard (Thomas Gerard), Maddox, Maddux, Maddix, Mattocks, Maddock and ancestors from Wales named Madoc, Madog, Howel, Owen Glendower, Gruffydd, articles by Rudyard Kipling and genealogists James G. Perry, Fredonia Maddox, Patricia Doster, and Roberta Wiley.

There are photos and text related to slavery, indentured servants, the Maryland sailing ship Dove, Maryland's Religious Toleration Act of religious freedom, Christ Church of Chaptico Maryland (Episcopal Church of England) and its designer Sir Christopher Wren, St. Mary's County MD, Charles County MD, Kenton County KY, Campbell County KY, St. Clement's Island MD, Piscataway Indian nation,  Chaptico Indians, Susquehannock Indians, Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin, family burial site of Francis Scott Key, artist John Hesselius, flatboats on the Ohio River, Grant's Lick, Kentucky, Daniel Boone, log cabins, the Wilderness Road, Snow Hill Inn, the USS Maddox destroyer. These links can most easily be found on the Maddox Family Website's Index page.  Hope you find this helpful.

We're actively seeking the following:

Names we're looking for in particular (aside from increasing the size of our database and it's Maddox, Maddix, Maddock, Madoc, Madog, etc etc:) Rusk Family of Kentucky, ancestors and siblings of Melissa Rusk of Kenton/Campbell Co
Dawson Family of Kentucky, ancestors and siblings from northern Ky Kenton/Campbell county area
Cooper Family of Iowa, ancestors of Jessie Benton Cooper, Cedar Rapids IA, Civil War era
Hall Family of New York, Chicago; descendents of Reverend John Hall of NYC, Bolton Hall of Chicago, (probably all Presbyterian Church pastors), poet John Hall Wheelock,  late 19th century, big names.  Descendents of John Hall of St Louis, early 20th century.
Governor Lester Maddox Family, descendents of the Governor of Georgia
William A.T. Maddox Family, descendents of the namesake of the USS Maddox destroyer
Sailors aboard the USS Maddox destroyers who have history, photos of the ships' war service
Notley Maddox, descendents of the various men named Notley who have 18th century info.
Maddox, Maddux Family, Mattox Family, Maddock Family descendents who have  War of 1812, Civil War, WWI, WWII records--especially decorated soldiers or men in famous battles.
Maddox Women who distinguished themselves in career or service.
Black Maddoxes or Maddox slaves who have records and stories to share