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John Maddock(s) of Watertown ME, son of Henry Maddock(s).   John Maddocks was born 16 May 1663, and he  married Ruth Church on 23 Jun 1689.   Some of their descendants are listed in The American Genealogist vol 39 (or 41?) pp 16-28, 1989, by M.W. McLean.  The article continues with the interesting story:

"His wife's brother Josuha Church, was in 1698 engaged in trade between Boston and the West Indies.  Evidently while in Barbados he met a John Maddock of that place and put the man in touch with his namesake in Watertown [ME].  A letter dated at Barbados 28 Oct 1698  reads as follows:

"Cousin Maddock: For so I'll venture to call you if it be but for the name's sake, tho 'tis not very hard to persuade me that you are really my cousin and son of my Brother of which yet I would have you in your next to give me the best light you can touching your father, how long 'tis since he came to New England, how long he tarried there and about what time he parted thence, and touching his marriage, your own age, &c."
The article goes on to trace the correspondence between the uncle (in Barbados) and the nephew (in Watertown, Maine).  Uncle John of Barbados died before 1732.   His birth date is uncertain, but we  know his brother Henry was listed as an inhabitant of Saco, ME, in 1653, and Henry wed Mary Wellington in 1662.  Henry left New England by ship in 1664, and disappeared from the New England records.   (There are records of land transactions in New Kent, Co., VA, by a Henry Madox in the 1670's, but it is unknown if this was the same individual.)

The uncle Maddock was a sugar planter whose property was located in St.Lucy's Parish, Barbados, in the central parts of the north end of the island just northeast of Speightstown.  He was at one time a judge in Speightstown Court.  He apparently had three sons who were in Col. hornhill's Regiment of Foot. The plantation has merged with others over the years, but there is a new estate called Maddox House on the west coast, just south of Speightstown, one of several properties apparently named in favor of old Barbados families.  There are no persons named Maddox (-ock, -ocks) now listed in the Barbados phone directory.

  -- by Lineage Coordinator John Maddox, Newport News, VA