The Maddox Family Website

The Maddox family descends from Wales and many thousands living in the United States can trace their roots to the earliest colonial times -- to Maryland and Virginia in the seventeenth century. 

There are several immigrant Maddox's who arrived a few years from each other in the mid-1600's.  Genealogists have traced parts of their lineages down to the present day in many states.  You may be related to these lines of Maddox too. 

This Maddox Family site's objective is to provide a starting point for you to learn about the Maddox family and help you trace your own lineage--leaving a legacy for your children to learn their roots and take pride in their heritage. 

This site has "layered" stories so you can learn just the basics by clicking on links to the left.  To learn even more, click on the links within each of the basic pages to find interesting stories of American history and great pictures.

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  • 2011 Update.  If you're an early finder of this site, know it is a reactivation of a site built ten years ago.  And it disappeared for a while.  But the webmaster is now retired and able to reconstitute it because so many people contributed to it.  It remains under continual construction.  To contact the webmaster, write:

This is a collaborative, not-for-profit web presentation of and for the  collective citizens of the United States descended from or named Maddox on FREE leased Google Space by the site's originating webmaster.