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Mad Dogs Highlights in Pictures!

A few snaps from our past... 

Keith Lawrence drives at the Philadelphia festival


The 2005 Nevis tourists: John Moore, Hide Kojima, Tony Boyke, James Cox, Tom Haydon, James Scowen, Simon Percival, Neil Kimberley, Frank Farricker, Joseph Cox

Cricket Vs. the Nevis masters on Nevis at the national stadium!

James Cox after he was hit by a short one from a 16 year old Nevisian quick.

Playing at the Nevis High School field... Not often you get hit accross the street and into the stream.

Merion CC in Philadelpha

David Quirk swings away!

Team Captain David Quirk with Fred Trueman at Philadelphia CC

FST bowls at Philadelphia CC

10 Year Anniversary Team (2000) at Maddog Park: Bruce Ennis, Frank Farricker, Kevin Dent, Tony Boyke, Jonas Wilson, Gavin Murphy, Neil Kimberley, Brett Collins, Justin Wilson, Johnathon Wentworth-Ping

2003 Philadelphia Festival Winning Team: John Moore, Keith Lawrence, Chris Coward, David Quirk, Sanjay Santhanam, Richard Coates, Neil Kimberley, Tony Boyke, Nathan Jones, James Thornton, Frank Farricker, David Johnson, Richard Kanoff, Jonas Wilson

John Moore plays King Canute...