Rock 'n' Ride Custom Bits and Spurs

For custom orders pick a blank body and then choose from some of the decorative elements below, or we can do entirely custom art work for brands, lettering and logos. Call (520)559-6106 for a price quote
Bumper Blanks- Regular or Smooth Rowel
Roper Spurs- Chap Guard or Regular Shank
Ladies Spurs- Short Shank, Regular or Chap Guard
Medium Shank - Plain or with Chap Guard
Longer Shank - Cutter, All-Around, Ranch Roper, Wide Band
Youth- Toddler, Roper with Chap Guard, Regular Roper, Long Shank
Shank Bits- Chain Port, Snaffle, Chain, and Correction
Floating Spade, D Ring Snaffle

Decorative Options
Stone Colors
Indian Figures
Bronc Figures
Cattle and other animal figures
Flowers and Leaves
Other Figures
Decorative Parts
Brass Trim
Copper Trim
Silver Trim