How to Pour Homebrew

Home brewed beer is seldom filtered, and often bottled straight from the fermenter. As such, some solids from the brewing process end up in the bottle. These solids, made up of proteins, hops and yeast, settle to the bottom of the bottle, which is why home brew and bottle conditioned craft brews are never stored laying down.

When pouring bottled conditioned beer from a large bottle, pour the beer gently down the side of a glass to fill. Raise the mouth of the bottle just enough to stop the pour, grab another glass, and pour the remainder into that glass, stopping if you see anything resembling grit in the pour.

The solids in the bottom are perfectly safe, but may give an upset tummy if too much is consumed. If you are lucky enough to know a home brewer that sends beer home with you in large bottles or growlers, thank them by rinsing the empty bottles vigorously and returning them. Not having to buy glass makes brewing much more economic.