A Little Off-Centered

The Delmarva United Homebrewers and Dogfish Head Craft Brewery are holding the Delmarva Mad Brewer Homebrew Competition on May 22, 2011. Competition is open to members of Delmarva United Homebrewers, First State Brewers, and Delmarva American Homebrewers Association Members.
This year's competition is a little, well, off-centered. Go figure. Entries must be brewed with a 'mystery yeast' supplied by Dogfish Head. Dogfish will supply the yeast along with general characteristics like fermentation temperatures (it will be an ale yeast) and alcohol tolerance, but otherwise it's characteristics will be unknown.  Brew the best beer you can with the mystery yeast.
Final judging this year will be done by Sam Calagione and his team of crack-shot Dogfish judges. This will be done at the Rehoboth Beach brewpub on May 22 (time announced soon).

Tell Them What They Won!

With the departure of the R&D brewer at the brewpub, Dogfish cannot offer to brew the winning beer this year. However, Dogfish will offer the winner a chance to come and brew a brewpub exclusive with them (just not your beer).
You do get the glory and bragging rights of having Sam and Dogfish brewers choose your winning beer.
Delmarva United Homebrewers and Xtreme Brewing will also be handing out prizes to winners.

Competition Yeast Pickup

All entries must use the mystery yeast supplied by Dogfish Head. This yeast will be available on March 18 at the Rehoboth Beach Brewpub. To enter, bring this Yeast Pickup Form along with your $5 entry fee to the pub.
Some yeast will be also available at Xtreme Brewing in Millsboro. More northern residents can contact jimmy.kroon@gmail.com and beernutz@comcast.net (before the 18th) and we may be able to work out a plan for the yeast underground railroad.
Yeast samples are limited to around 40, so do not delay.

Submitting the Beer

Entries will be due around May 13, but maybe earlier depending on Dogfish's schedule. We'll know the exact submission deadline soon, but it will be best to plan to have your beer ready by May 8.
Entries can be dropped off at Xtreme Brewing in Millsboro or Lewes. Or contact jimmy.kroon@gmail.com or beernutz@comcast.net to make other arrangements.
Check back later for more entry details.