Course map(s) - NEW grassland route & out'n'back through beautiful Willow Creek Canyon

Course route. Course will be marked with flour arrows and orange ribbons. Total distance 29.9 miles.
    13.8 mile loop into the grasslands with rock sentinels, great views of the mountains and sagebrush ecosystem. Only 1 mile on pavement! 

    16.1 mile Out n Back to Lake Simtustus through beautiful Willow Creek Canyon. This year, markings will be only to the end of the dirt road.
     [Optional 0.6 miles on pavement to Pelton Park, turn around at entrance and get the 15% hill back and full 50km]. 
        This section will not be marked in 2017. 
More Detail for those who like to read:
~13.8 mile loop - follow the road up hill from the MAC for about 0.2 mile on pavement. Turn left  at the 4-way intersection and start following orange flagging and single track. Trail is mostly dirt track the rest of the way. You must carefully go through a barbed wire gate. If you open the gate, be sure to close it as there are cattle on range. After about 2+ miles, will reach the paved road. Turn R and downhill (east) towards the Deer Ridge Correctional Institute (go directly to jail, do not pass go). TURN RIGHT onto dirt road into a broad canyon and follow markings. This is the mud springs area. Continue for 5 miles to cattle corrals and head up hill. You will cross over one gate that is hard to open, climb over it one at a time. Be sure to close it if you do open it. 
    You will end up back on the same pavement as the start and finish at MAC Aquatic Center.

~16.1 mile out'n'back - from the start/finish, head west on "B" street. Stay on B street through town, crossing a small bridge at the Public Works yard. Continue on the walking trail until it crosses "C" Street. Cross C Street (also called Glass Drive). Just before the high trestle, turn left onto a dirt track (approx. 2.5 miles from start/finish). This is the start of the Willow Creek Canyon trail. Follow this to the end (approx. 6.5 miles) and turn around.
    [ If you want one extra mile with a 15% grade, turn right and head downhill on paved road to Lake Simtustus. Turn-around is at the beginning of the parking lot. No services.] Remember to turn left, back on the dirt track (see Children's Christian camp sign) and return the way you came.

Return exact same way and enjoy the nice uphill to the finish at the MAC Aquatic Center! 

For those wanting to run the canyon, but not on pavement, drive your car to the TH. There are some wider pull-out areas on "C" Street near the TH.