Course map(s) (keeping it the same)

Course route. Course will be marked with flour arrows.
    12.8 mile loop into the grasslands with great views of the mountains and sagebrush ecosystem.
        view in google earth
    17.8 mile Out n Back to Lake Simtustus through beautiful Willow Creek Canyon

~13 mile loop - head east for 2 miles on paved roads towards the Deer Ridge Correctional Institute (go directly to jail, do not pass go). 
    Road turns to dirt. Follow for about 3-4 more miles, up hill. After after you crest the long hill and see the Hay Creek Ranch sign, go a little further and turn left on a dirt road, over a cattle grate. [If you are running down hill and up again on what seems like a main road (no gullies), you missed the turn.]
    Follow to the only intersection, after another cattle grate. Turn left, heading downhill towards Mt. Jefferson (west). Stay on this dirt road, past the motocross course and gravel yard. 
    Turn left on a paved road, Louck's (you'll see a large horse arena on the right as you turn left). Stay on this road about 2-3 miles. 
    Follow flour arrows through the Juniper Hills Park, back to B Street and the start/finish at MAC Aquatic Center.

~18 mile loop - from the start/finish, head west on "B" street. Stay on B street through town, continue on the walking trail until it crosses "C" Street. Cross C Street (also called Glass Drive). Just before the high trestle, turn left onto a dirt track (approx. 2.5 miles from start/finish). This is the start of the Willow Creek Canyon trail. Follow this to the end (approx. 6.5 miles), turn right and head downhill on paved road to Lake Simtustus. Turn-around is at the end of the parking lot, before you get to Pelton Dam. Water spigots, toilets and food ($) is available at the Pelton Park.
    Remember to turn left, back on the dirt track (see Children's Christian camp sign) and return the way you came.

For those wanting to run the canyon, but not on pavement, drive your car to the TH. There are some wider pull-out areas on "C" Street near the TH.