Course map(s) - NEW grassland routes 14 miles and 21.59 miles

Course route. Course will be marked with spray chalk arrows and orange ribbons.
14 mile route into the grasslands with rock sentinels, great views of the mountains and sagebrush ecosystem. With old, crusty snow still on the hills, there will be a few more miles on pavement this year! 

21.59 mile alternative route also into the grasslands with 7.5 more miles heading east on the Ashwood Road and looping through the grasslands on one of the original Mad Ass routes.

The Willow Creek Canyon route is not recommended in 2017 due to 3-4 inches of ice/snow covering the canyon trail.    
More Detail for those who like to read:
14 mile route - Running out on pavement for the first 2.5 miles to Grizzly Road (great round-about art on City View Street). This turns to dirt and continues SE, winding through farm land and BLM land. A left turn by corrals brings you into a broad canyon with rock sentinels and usually zero cars. The road meets "Ashwood Road" at the Prison road entrance. Turn left again onto pavement and up an 8% hill to Juniper Hills Park. A circuit of the park, with great views, leads you back to the MAC. 

21.59 mile route - Follow the 14 mile route. When you reach the prison entrance, turn R (shorter distance runners will turn left) and stay on dirt roads, climbing as you head east. This section is part of the original Mad Ass route. A left turn will be marked (it is the only left turn after passing the Hay Creek Ranch sign on the right). There is a cattle guard at the turn. This road goes 1 mile to a 4-way crossing, turn left and head west with tremendous views of Mt. Jefferson. Follow until it becomes pavement, turn left onto Louck's Road and follow markings back to Juniper Hills Park and the MAC.