MAD ASS 2015 - a MADras Runners event

January 10, 2015 (NOTE - DATE CHANGE FROM 1/31/15)

8:30am (doors open at 7:30am if anyone wants to start earlier)

Two Routes: 2015 is the 10th anniversary Mad Ass. Using the same routes as before: loop east into the grasslands and out-n-back through Willow Creek Canyon to Lake Simtustus.

Start/Finish: Madras Aquatic Center,  1195 SE Kemper Way, Madras, OR 97741 (541) 475-4253
More toilets, showers and access to our BEAUTIFUL aquatic facility. 
We will have some hot soups and chili (vegetarian and meat). Please feel free to bring side dishes to share. Healthy food options are highly encouraged.
Time trials down the water slide. Rope swing in the deep end. Hot tub!

10th anniversary - ALMOST FREE. 

It is FATASS style. No pre-registration but we need you to sign the MADras Runners waiver. 

No frills. Bring your own water & nutrition for the run.

Suggested Donation: $20/runner or whatever you feel you can provide. Any amount is appreciated! All proceeds go to the Jack Watts Memorial Scholarship (see below under MADras Runners).

Bring your own running food & hydration system, and a potluck dish to share for afterwards.

Please bring a lock or rent one at the MAC for $0.50.

ADVISORY NOTICE: Please enjoy water-play before you enjoy any adult beverages!

Hosts: Stan and Mo (aka Brew-Master)

As always - pot luck after the run plus soup & chili. Bring a side dish you enjoy post-run to share with your friends! 

NOTE - there is no oven, nor stove-top burners at the MAC. Pot-luck dishes in electric chaffers, hot-pots etc. can be plugged in. We will have access to a microwave oven.

MADras Runners - our organizing entity! A local non-profit whose mission is to help others discover the enjoyment of group running. All proceeds go into the Jack Watts Memorial Scholarship, supporting high school runners in Jefferson County. 


MadAss BuzzBuzz (a MadAss tradition) - coffee chocolate stout

India Pale Lager (2014 favorite brew - it didn't last long)

Mo's surprise - a vanilla cream ale