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Tips and Tricks

Create cascading groups

This technique allows you to organize your programs, files, and folders better by creating a different configuration for each set.  For example, if you want to organize the programs, files, and folders for project A, you simply need to create a new MadAppLauncher file (select File | New from the menu) and put your project A related stuff in that configuration. You can create as many configurations as you would like. You do not need to fill up every single button on every tab page.  The following steps demonstrates how to  create two configurations and how to switch back and forth between them using the launcher.
  1. Create two configurations
    1. Create a main configuration and save it to My Documents and call it main.mal
    2. Save the file as project1.mal to My Documents
  2. Configure project1.mal
    1. Open file explorer and navigate to My Documents
    2. Drag and drop main.mal to button Q
    3. Save the file
  3. Configure main.mal
    1. Click on button Q to load main.mal
    2. Drag and drop project1.mal to button Q
    3. Save the file
  4. You're done
    1. Now you can switch between main.mal and project1.mal by pressing button Q

Assigning tab names

* Applies only when using cascading groups

Consistency helps us remember things.  You can apply the same logic when naming tabs.  When working of multiple similar projects, give the same names to similar tabs and their locations. See the table below.

 Project Name
 Project's File Name
 Tab Number
 Tab Name
MadAppLauncher madapplauncher.mal 1 Programs

 2 Folders

 3 Data Files
Web Design
 webdesign.mal 1 Programs
   2 Folders
   3 Data Files

Now when you switch between projects, you know that programs that apply to that project can be found by pressing "1", Pressing "2" gives you the folders and "3" for the data files.

Add numbers to tab names for easier navigation

Add numbers to tab names to make selections easier. For example, name the first tab "1. Applications, 2. Folders, 3. Utilities, etc."