• Ability to launch an item (ie. program, folder, or command) in two or three keystrokes
  • Favorites bar with 10 configurable buttons each corresponding to F1-F10 keys
  • Ten tabs. Each tab consists of 30 configurable buttons for a total of 300 configurable buttons for each file (*.mal). Each tab corresponds to the number 1-0 and the buttons on each tab correspond to the letters/symbols below the number keys
  • Data is contained in one text file (*.mal) in XML format
  • Multiple files (*.mal) can be created to further group items (eg. work, home, project1, etc.). Simply assign a *.mal file to a button for ease of loading other *.mal files
  • Drag and drop support
  • Support for international keyboard layouts
  • Support for the visually impaired (English only)
  • Option to run a program as an Administrator
  • Configurable hotkey to launch the launcher
  • Option to change a program's initial window size and location
  • Ability to sort a tab's buttonsĀ 


  • Use the mouse wheel or the left/right arrow keys to switch between tabs
  • Turn on the auto-select tab on mouse-over option to automatically select a tabĀ 


  • Option to press a key twice before launching
  • Auto-save data files(*.mal)
  • Check for updates on startup
  • Option to always center the launcher on the screen
  • Option to make the launcher show on top of all other windows
  • Option to automatically hide the launcher when a program is launched
  • Option to minimize the launcher when closed using the UI
  • Option to show the launcher on the taskbar when minimized
  • Option to show/hide window on startup
  • Option to show/hide Favorites bar
  • Option to show/hide empty tab buttons
  • Option to show/hide tab numbers


  • Ability to move tabs
  • Cut/Copy/Paste support for buttons
  • Delete/Copy/Paste support for tabs