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MAL Files


The following MAL files may not be complete.  If you have a comment, please post it at their corresponding forum.

The following MAL files are under the same GPLv3 license as MadAppLauncher.

Only use MAL files from sources that you trust!  MAL files are plain text files in XML format. You can always open them with a text editor to verify their contents.

Windows XP/Vista/7

Consists of 4 MAL files containing many preconfigured buttons of Windows specific applications, folders, Control Panel items, etc. 

MD5: 393a903294ded3ae6aa32f146c5d9957
SHA1: 43b6d911db07f8ebd6982fddd71326be5dce2cbb

For general discussion of MAL Files for Windows, go to Mal Files - Windows Discussion on

How to use:
1. Unzip the file.
2. Use the MAL file that corresponds to your OS version.
Suggestion: Put it in the same directory where you store your other MAL file(s). 
3. Assign the MAL file to a button.
Suggestion: Assign the MAL file to one of the favorites button. Also, if you use just one or a few links often, you can move it to your main MAL file by doing the following:
a. Open the Windows MAL file(ex. Windows XP.mal)
b. Drag and drop an item from the Windows XP.mal file to an empty favorites bar button
c. Open your main MAL file(ex. main.mal)
d. Drag and drop the item from the favorites bar to a button in your main MAL file