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Change History

Change History

@ = general change 
+ = feature/option added
/ = bug fix
- = Code changes
I(@+/) = Installer
Release date: 3-26-2013
/ Fixed an issue where the application configuration(settings changed using the menu) is saved in a different directory than older versions.  This bug only exists in version For those who installed MadAppLauncher for the first time and used, you will need to change your settings to your liking again.
Release date: 3-15-2013
+ Added option to show tab numbers
- Replaced standard tabcontrol with a custom tabcontrol
Release date: 1-12-2012
/ Fixed an issue when Hide Empty Tab Buttons is checked and then Drag and Drop Mode is checked/unchecked, the Empty Tab Buttons are not shown/hidden
/ Fixed an issue when Hide Empty Tab Buttons and Drag and Drop Mode are checked, Cut and Delete operations on a button also hides it
Release date: 11-7-2012

/ Fixed an issue when the current file has an existing tab 0 and a new file is loaded without an existing tab 0, the user is prompted to delete the tab
+ Option added to hide empty tab buttons
@ Hotkey functions consolidated
@ Removed data reloading after changing Settings->Options
/ Changed pointer to update file due to hosting sites' changes
Release date: 8-4-2012
/ Fixed tooltips for menu items
+ Added the ability to sort buttons within a tab
*Release date: 6-25-2012
/ Fixed an issue where some system applications fail to run on 64-bit if "Sysnative" is not all in lower case
/ Fixed an issue where some settings are not being save when exiting the application
/ Fixed an issue where the buttons are not refreshed when moving tabs
@ Added more information on MessageBoxes when deleting, cutting, and pasting over a non-empty button

-@ Button name BtnMASemicolon changed to btnMASemicolon ... useful only when comparing *.mal files
-@ Code for Cut, Copy, Paste and Drag and Drop of buttons cleaned and improved
*Release date: 6-9-2012
+ Added option to minimize or exit application when the window is closed through the user interface(ie. by clicking the Close button([X]) on the window, selecting Close from the window's control menu, or pressing ALT+F4).
@ Moved update check option to Settings/Options. Help/Check for updates... will just check for updates.
/ Tab under the cursor should not be activated when the following conditions are true:
a. Auto-select tab on mouse over option is selected
b. Hotkey is used to activate the program
c. Mouse pointer is over a tab that is different from the "Activated tab" in the Hotkey dialog box
*Release date: 3-31-2012
+ Clipboard content passing - use of clipboard(text/file) content as part of an argument. 
a. Configure a button with a <text> or <file> in the Target or Arguments box. Target: "<text>"
b. Copy a word from any window using Ctrl+c or right-click->copy.
c. Click on the button that was used in Step1a and the <text> will be replaced with the text in the clipboard before the Internet browser is launched.

+ Another method to add programs - copy a file/folder to the clipboard (Ctrl + c or right-click and select copy).  Open MadAppLauncher, then paste on the desired button.
/ Window may be shown off-screen if the program was previously terminated abnormally
/ Program window may be invisible when using certain graphics drivers
*Release date: 2-29-2012
+ Added Cut/Copy/Paste feature in the context menu of buttons
/ Windows is shown on startup even when "Show window on startup" is unchecked. Occurs only when "Show in taskbar when minimized" is also unchecked.
@ Modified version number checking pointer
*Release date: 1-25-2012
+ Ability to drag and drop from start menu/search
+ Icon support for UNC paths
+ Support for launching apps in system32 directory for 64-bit systems
/ Tab names are not centered when opening a MAL file
*Release date: 1-6-2012
+ (3461092) - Added a default tab option when using the hotkey.  See User Manual > Menu > Settings > HotKey > Activate tab
/ (3459787) Controls resize problem when using smaller screens (added a few more checks)
*Release date: 12-15-2011
+ Changed window style
+ Added "Show in taskbar when minimized" option
/ (3459787) Controls resize problem when using smaller screens
*Release date: 12-2-2011
/ (3448053) "Refresh icons" sometimes does not work
*Release date: 11-3-2011
+ (3433280) Add a convenient way to switch to Drag and Drop items
/ (3423872) Tab selection with arrow keys and menu navigation conflict
*Release date: 9-20-2011
+ (3397477) Use of left and right arrow keys to select tabs
+ (3412052) Ability to use the keypad numbers to activate tabs
/ (3412047) Support for multi-level environment variable expansion and double quotes stripping in target box 
/ (3412050) Auto-select tab and mouse wheel tab selection conflict
*Release date: 9-9-2011
+ (3406273) Removed file restriction on button target
/ (3406277) Favorite button - dnd from blank copy action instead of swap
/ (3406329) Mouse pointer moves to- far
*Release date: 8-21-2011
+ (3396000) Drag and Drop from Favorites bar
+ Added the filename in error messages.
/ (3392029) Launch failure when using an icon reference with a bad default icon
/ (3396003) Endless loop when saving a file
/ (3396006) Error when saving favorites.config after Windows update
*Release date: 7-1-2011
+ (3302471) Pressing hotkey again hides MAL
+ (3310608) Added a configurable delay before switching tabs while dragging icons
+ (3345575) Added a favorites bar
+ (3345598) Added an option to select tabs by shaking the mouse
+ (3345604) Added mouse wheel support for selecting tabs
/ (3348176) Moving tabs does not update the corresponding activation number with the new positions
*Release date: 5-30-2011
@ Button gets focus on mouse hover
+ (3300772) Support for International keyboard layouts
+ (3301909) Option to hide window on startup
+ (3302476) Limit or hide button text displayed
+ (3309114) Button icon will be refreshed on mouse hover
I+ Added prompt for destination directory
I+ Added option to create shortcuts for current user only
*Release date: 5-13-2011
+ (3299244) Added Browse for Folder button in Button Edit Dialog Box
+ (3299247) Set Auto-save to ON as default
+ (3299249) Auto save on every change when Auto-save is ON
+ (3299250) Added tooltips for some menu items
+ (3297056) Accessibility feature - for use with screen readers
*Release date: 4-24-2011
+ 3290835 - Function to move tabs
@ Changed activation via tray icon from double-click to single-click
*Release date: 3-30-2011
/ 3262735 (Applies only when Auto slect tab on mouse over = ON). When the mouse pointer is over a tab and a number key is pressed to activate another tab, the tab under the pointer gets activated again. T- prevent the tab under the pointer to be re-activated after a number is pressed, the pointer is moved right below the tab on which it is hovering.
*Release date: 2-15-2011
/ (3182678) Slow loading mal files.  Slowness is due to the loading of icons. More icons mean slower loading time. Added an icon cache to significantly reduce loading time and I/Os.
*Release date: 1-19-2011
/ (3161382) Update code incorrect - Checking for updates won't work correctly for higher numbers. For example, if current is and update is, the program will still detect an update. 
/ (3161385) Custom Icon's index not being set - Custom Icon's index not being set when pickicon dialog is shown
/ (3161400) DnD from XP Start Menu - Drag and Drop from XP Start Menu does not work
/ (3161401) Exception thrown when launching files - A rare exception is thrown when for example, Firefox is closing and firefox is run in launcher, the launcher tries to resize a non-existent window
/ (3161377) Support for environment variables - Support for environment variables in target, arguments, start in, and icon location
/ (3161404) Speed enhancement for setting button properties - Removed several duplicate button properties. MAL file loading should be faster
/ (3161405) Turn off Auto Hide as default - Turned off Auto Hide as default for new installations s- it will be less confusing for first time users
/ (3161406) Disallow dropping of special links - When some special links are dropped on a button, n- target is set but the button has an icon and a text label
*Release date: 1-2-2011

/ Names of empty tabs are not cleared when loading a *.mal file
*Release date: 1-2-2011
+ File saved status. Filename on title bar will be followed by an asterisk (*) if it was modified and it has not been saved
+ Loading *.mal files while the launcher is active should be a lot faster(should be > 2x faster after initial chaching of files)
/ Launcher does not auto center when screen resolution changes. Launcher will be now auto centered when activated  (only if the option is checked under View)
/ Copying over a configured button did not replace Run As Admin, window extended style, and window move delay states
/ When the Launcher is started, it stays on top even when Always on Top is unchecked
*Release date: 12-17-2010
+ Added Open file location to button context menu
+ Auto-save of data files(*.mal) - see User Manual | Menu for more information !
/ Application setting are now saved when rebooting or shutting down OS
/ Faster repainting
/ Fixed bug where extended window style are being used when regular window style is set to something other than Normal
*Release date: 12-7-2010
+ Installer is now much smaller.  It's about 1.5MB. Required .Net installer has been removed and replaced with the web install version.  If .Net (4 Client Profile) needs to be installed, it will show an extra prompt asking to download and install .Net. Don't worry, it is still automatic. ( I just wanted to reduce bandwidth usage by those wh- already have .Net installed)
+ View | Refresh icons - refreshes icons for programs, files, and folders that are not currently accessible (ie. those located on a USB drive or network share)
+ Option to Press a key twice to launch a program.  This is to prevent accidental launching of files
+ Option to Auto select tab when mouse hovers over a tab
/ Had to devise a workaround for those pesky programs requiring UAC and showing up behind the launcher window
*Release date: 11-19-2010
+ Check for new version
+ Custom window placement
+ Help | Help now points to this website
+ Option to run a program as admin
/ Application settings are now saved correctly
/ Upgrading uses the previous configuration file and upgrades it
/ Shortcut links are now resolved to its full path. This was necessary to get the default icon
*Release date: 11-11-2010
Initial release