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Week 3
This week is safety week. Students will participate in drills including lock down, earthquake and room clear.
We are building stamina in many ways to our new learning community.

Reading: Students will take the district assessment for reading comprehension and vocabulary. Students will read the 2nd story in Journeys My Family. They will practice the skill compare and contrast when students make connections to their family and the family in the story. 
If you would like to read the story of the week to your child.
Go to this link Lesson 2 page 42:

Spelling: Students will also learn their 2nd Daily 5 choice Word Work. Word work is time to practice our Spelling words in class. Students do not have spelling tests in 2nd grade English but they do practice spelling words every week. I assess students spelling through out the year instead of weekly.

Writing: We are continuing building stamina with English writing. We are looking at getting ideas from a variety of places. Our goal is to write our ideas down in complete sentences.

Grammar: Students will learn about sentence structure; subject and predicate.

Social Studies/ Social Emotional Learning: Last week students really enjoyed learning about Growth mindset. Students will learn about Mindfulness this week. They will learn to observe two areas of their brain's focus. They will learn about when their emotions are in control and when our mind wanders even if we want to pay attention. We will do a few activities to understand this. Students will also learn two breathing techniques to help focus.
Week 2
Reading: Students will read the first story in Journeys titled Henry and Mudge. They will practice the reading comprehension skill sequence of events. They will be given a readers notebook to practice the skills of the week that go with each unit. They will also learn their first choice of the the Daily 5 Read to Self. The Daily 5 is a choice system which allows for reading and writing choices while other children are working in small groups.

Writing: Students will learn about Writing Workshop. They develop and learn the routines of our writing community. This includes writing as a whole class, writing as an individuals and sharing work with partners.

Social Studies: During this time we will be learning about Growth Mindset.  We will also learn about mindfulness.  Students will learn 2 quick breathing techniques that allow for calming during learning and social situations. 
Week 1
Welcome to 2nd grade! I look forward to working and meeting everyone for an exciting 2017/2018 school year.
Please read the Schedule and Procedures page for information about class. We will have an exciting first week getting to know our classmates, learning new school routines and school rules.