It was a great year!. I was looking at our writing assessments from the fall and the spring, and your students grew so much. It was a pleasure teaching them this year, we had a fun time and learned a lot. This group was a very kind group with lots of wonder about the world. Their future is bright.

Every child should continue to read books over the summer. I have also put a sheet in their handwriting book , if they should practice this over the summer. Some children will have workbooks given to them to practice as well. Here is a list of books to read this summer and don't forget to pick up your free book at the Eugene Public Library.




Also check out my student work page for some pics of the rafting /float trip. The students had an amazing time. They talked about it for days and the smiles and stories about the trip will be remembered. Photos: Student's Work

This week we will finish our memory books. Have fun and say our goodbyes. There is a class party on Wednesday its optional to wear pajamas but hot weather and pajamas don't always mix.

2nd Grade is considering fidget spinners a toy to be left at home. All fidget spinners will be taken and given back to the parent or the last day of school. Thank you for understanding.

Please take a survey about Charlemagne's classroom blog use https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QD9VN5S

Upcoming field trips and end of the year events (Volunteers are Needed). Please email me if you can volunteer and attend the whole trip. Also please email me, if your child needs a sack lunch for the field trips. I would prefer if they need a school lunch, they need them for all two field trips. Thanks!

  • Hike/Walk Amazon Creek: Monday June 12th 8:20-11:20
  • Rafting the Willamette: Tuesday June 13th 9:00-2:45 I have enough volunteers. The City of Eugene's outdoor program called the River House will be leading our trip and guiding them down the Willamette. They realize that many of the children  have never been rafting. This is a calm section of the river. They focus on teaching the students how to be safe on our local waterways. They will be in our classrooms to talk about the trip before hand. They will also make sure that all students are safe and having fun. What to bring will be included soon. A liability release form was sent home to be signed and brought back by June 9th. Families can also download the form at the bottom of this page.
  • June 16th: No School Grade Day
  • June 22nd: Field Day/ Last Day of School

June 11th

Reading: Students will read choose a fairy tale or folktale they would like to read from Journeys.

Writing: Students are creating a memory book of 2nd grade.

June 4th

Reading: Students will be given the district tests in reading fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Students will also read lesson 27 in Journeys. 

Writing: Students will be given a spelling assessment and a writing assessment to evaluate their growth this year.

May 30th:

Reading: Students will be finishing their Water genre study. They will focus on Main Idea and supporting details as they finish their small group reading and class book on Hydrology. 

Writing: Students will continues their letter writing unit. Know we are focusing on writing letters with persuasive opinions. Please humor them on their request for new pets and new rooms. Some letters will start coming home soon.

Reading: Students are starting their last non fiction genre study about Water. We will learn all about the water cycle, city water works, and other ways humans use water. We will also be reading about weather, hydrology, waterworks, and water pollution.  All field trips are connected to this water unit.  The students will continue to practice reading comprehension strategies about text and graphic features as well as main idea and details.

Writing: Last week students wrote letters to friends, teachers, and the first grade class. Students will write to their family members this week. Students are also learning how to use capitalization, headings, date, salutations, and endings in the letter form.

HW: Students have picked poems to memorize and recite to the class. Students brought home a copy of the poem they choose. They should memorize their poem by May 8th-May 12

Reading: Lesson 25 Seed to Plant. The strategy is text and graphic features. Students gain information from labels ,bold, and diagram.

Writing: Publish our poetry and make posters for the Amazon pool party.

Social Studies: ALICE Training

Polar Report ( I forgot to post my expectations);

1. They wrote a heading on each page

2. They used capitals and periods with complete sentences

3. They used 2 transition words per page. (ex. First, Next, Last)

4. They wrote 3 to 5 sentences per section (Anatomy, Habitat, Diet, and Interesting Facts)

5. They wrote strong and interesting facts.

6. They spelled most words correctly.

Reading: Last week of reading poetry.  We are still thinking about mood, authors purpose, and interesting words.

Writing: Students are finishing their monster poem from last week, writing an Ode and/or an Address, and an Onomatopoeia. Then they will start to publish one of their poems for our class poetry book.

Week of April 24th
The Polar speeches and papers have been returned for the most part Friday. I still have a few. The students enjoyed their research writing, art and speaking as well as becoming an expert in an area.

We are Continuing reading poetry. We are learning the elements of poetry. Students are looking at interesting words and authors purpose in poetry.

Writing: Students are writing Earth Day poems, concrete poems, and a monster poem.

Students watched a video about appropriate touch.

Week of April 17th

Student will be reading Journeys Lesson 26 Mysterious Tadpole. They will review the reading comprehension Story Structure.
Writing: Students will finish their Final Draft on their polar animal research and work on their speech to present to the class.

Reading: Students will finish their Polar animal books. They will continue with main idea and details as the reading strategy.

Writing: Students will start their rough draft of their polar animal report.  They will continue this after spring break.

Friday: Students will do a polar bear art project. If you would like to volunteer to help out. Let me know.

Upcoming Events

March 6-10: Classified Staff Appreciation Week
March 8: Site Council, 3:15
March 16: Science Fair
March 21: PTO Meeting, 6:30-8:00
March 22: Cafe Yumm (community night)
March 27-April 3: Spring Break

2nd grade classes we are collecting $12.00 per family to raise a swim day at Amazon for the Charlemagne auction. Please drop donations to the office or the 2nd grade teachers by Friday.

Reading: Students are focused on main idea and details while reading the text Where do Polar Bears live and the small group readings on the polar region.

Writing: Students will get information about their polar animal. They will use websites on my online resource page to look for information about anatomy, habitat,  and diet.

Reading: Students will continue to learn about the polar regions. Students will focus on text and graphic features of non fiction text. We will be reading Where do Polar Bears Live as a whole class and small groups will have choice books about different topics about the Polar Regions. We will learn about polar animals, geography, glaciers, polar exploration, climate change and the Inuit people.

Writing: Students will continue to learn how to get information from non-fiction text and turn it in to their own writing.
They are learning to write about Science. They are also learning to write down good questions about what they read. Students are also involved in a group research project about the Polar Lands. The questions they asked and links to the answers are on the online resource page.

Please return report card envelopes to use in the spring.
Week of Feb. 27th
Reading: Lesson 21: Penguin Chicks. Strategy: Main Idea and supporting details. Although we are using Journeys, this will be the first week of our 2nd genre study. This will be a non fiction unit focused on the North and South Pole. We will learn about polar animals, geography, glaciers, climate change and the Inuit people.

Writing: Students will paste their mystery books together. They will not be taking their Mystery books home until after we share them with their buddies in the next couple of weeks. Students will start our Non Fiction writing unit.

Week of Feb. 21st

Reading: Students will return to Journeys this week. They will be reading Unit 23 for those families who like to pre-read the text. They will focus on drawing conclusions .

Writing: Students are still finishing their Final Draft of their mystery story. We have one more pop up to complete. I hope to bind the books Friday and Monday.

Social Studies: Growth mindset and asking for help from friends and teachers.

PE: PE is now on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The PE teacher is requesting no boots or sandals on those day. I know students like to wear boots on rainy days. So pack tennis shoes if need be on rainy days. During rock climbing, starting next week, students will not be able to participate in that activity if they are not wearing the right shoes. I have attached the PE letter below, any questions or concerns can be emailed to eller_d@4j.lane.edu.

Reading: We are finishing our Mystery unit this week. Students will complete a couple detective activites. Finish their reading packets which focus on sequence of events and compare and contrast.

Writing: Students will create pop ups for their mystery story. They will finish their rough draft and start their final draft of their Mystery story. Students will create a pop up mystery book. This is a fun book making activity. It takes a lot of time, so more focus will be on writing this week than reading.

Social Studies: Students will learn french games taught by Mme Helen.

Grade 2 is participating in a pedestrian safety course with the City of Eugene. We are looking for volunteers to walk with us on Friday. Blue Class. 8:40-9:40  Red Class  10:00- 11:00

Reading: Students are continuing to read their mystery books. They are understanding the mystery genre and vocabulary. As well as the story structure of a Mystery. Our story of the week is a non-fiction book about mysteries of haunted places.

Writing: Students are continuing their rough draft of their mystery units. The first page introduces the detective and now they are working on describing their setting and crime. The next part is their clues and then they solve their mystery. 

Word Study: We are continuing to learn the difference of there, their, they're and To two, and too. We are also reviewing homophones for spelling.

Social Studies: We look at real life forensic science. This includes finger printing and other techniques.

Week of Jan 23

Reading: Students will star a  genre study of Mystery books. Students will read whole group mystery books and then in small groups students will read a chapter book based on a mystery story. Our strategy  is to understand the story elements of a Mystery Book; detective, clues, setting, suspect, and victim.

Writing: Students will eventually write a mystery story. They will brainstorm their detective and story elements.

Word Study: Homonyms

Week of Jan 17th:

Student's will be taking the Easy CBM assessments for the district this week. Students will also be taking a Journeys assessment. Students will also take a writing assessment for my record of their writing progress. Please ask your student if they have something that they are writing about if not brainstorm ideas of a happy moments that have recently taken place. They need to have an idea for tomorrow. Most do but I have had about 5 students in each class who couldn't come up with an idea.

Students will be introduced to their first genre study the Mystery story. (This is usually their favorite genre study). We will be taking  a break from Journeys to read chapter books based on Mystery stories.)

Jan. 10th: Our Shoe Filling will be made up this Wednesday for buddies.

Reading: Journeys Book 2 unit 20: Dex the Super Dog. The strategy is compare and contrast.

Writing: Students are working on fictional characters.

December 16: Shoe Filling Assembly Please pitch in a $1 or $2(for people who forget) for the shoe filling. Email Koa if you would like to volunteer that day: koa@windermere.com
Winter Break: December 19th- January 3rd.

Please donate snacks. On average 3 children ask me for a snack each day. Please consider dropping healthy snacks for me to share with our class.

Reading: Students explore cause and effect reading humorous fiction: Officer Buckle and Gloria Lesson 15.
Writing Workshop: Students will work on rough drafts or final drafts about a story of a Snowman coming alive.
The personal narratives for blue class went home today. Red classes stories will go home on Wednesday. They worked very had on publishing these stories. Students should read this story to a family member as homework. Please praise them for their great work.

Writing Personal Narrative Expectations:
Students wrote a true story about themselves.
Their story should have included a beginning that used speaking or the weather.
The story had a beginning, middle and end.
They spelled most words right.
They used capitals and periods.
They used 2 of the 5 senses to describe images of the story.
Their ending showed an emotion.
Writing was legible.

Reading: Lesson 14 is Helen Keller a biography where we discuss authors purpose.
Writing: They have completed their personal narrative. They will bring them home next week. I want them to share them with their 5th grade buddies.  We will work on a fiction story about a snowman.
Social Studies: We will work on French vocabulary for winter taught by our intern Helen.

Reading: Students will practice Main Idea and Detail while reading Lesson 13 Schools Around the World.
Writing: Students will work on their Final Draft and Publish their personal narrative stories.
Social Studies: Students will work on communication skills in a growth mindset activity.

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