Madagascar: Study on Child Poverty and Disparities
Focal point for the Child Poverty Study in Madagascar: Olga Ramaromanana
Child Poverty in the News

$75 million to address deprivation amongst children (French)
89% of children in Madagascar lack access to safe drinking water, 72% live in makeshift housing, 51% under 5 years of age are undernourished and 34% are not in school. These figures come from a study by UNICEF on the Indian Ocean Region. In order to address the needs of children in the region, UNICEF has allocated $75 million dollars. 
              -Les Nouvelles

Rights of the Child: The critical condition of deprivation (French)

The current crisis in the country accentuates the issue of children being deprived of their fundamental rights. A UNICEF study highlights that child poverty and deprivation in Madagascar is alarmingly high relative to other countries, with 73% of children affected.

              -Madagascar Matin