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Snails Are So Beautiful. 

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 None of these photos are mine,  they are all the work of people with far more talent than I.


     Another Rosy Wolfsnail

     A Translucent Shell

     Pair Of Snails On A Leaf

     Eutomopeas layardi From Sri Lanka

        Sri Lankan Snail Beddomea albizonatus

     Oahu Tree Snail

            Snails And Flowers

     Endangered Greek Cave Snail

     Snail On A Twig

       Snail On Glass

     Snails From Mauritus



      Kissing Snails In The Dark

     Rare Bermudan Land Snail

                  Hawaiian Tree Snail And Baby

     Lovely Colouration

   Aquatic Triton Trumpet Snail

   Snail And Frog

   Aquatic Apple Snail