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 I absolutely adore snails. Not only do I keep a large tank full of Giant African Land Snails, but I have amassed hundreds and hundreds of snail ornaments and related paraphernalia. The earliest happy memory of my life was of watching two snails who lived up a drain pipe at the bottom of my garden. My Mother used to hang out the washing and I would go with her and watch these snails every day. They were fascinating and they helped spark my life-long love of these amazing creatures.
 None of these photos are mine, they are all the work of people with far more talent than I.

   Snail In The Grass

     Snaily Friends

     Snail Trio

     Giant African Land Snails

     A Mass Of Happiness

     Hand Snail

     Hairy Snail (Lobosculum pustuloides)

                 Another Hairy Snail

     Snail On A Branch

      Snail On A Wet Pavement

              Garden Snails

      Florida Tree Snail

     Little And Large

     A Handfull Of Happiness

     Pale Snail

    A Snail From Bali

        Dew Drops

     How Does It Fit In That Shell?

     Rosy Wolfsnail

     Liguus Snail