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These are some of the sites that I have enjoyed. They are NOT sponsored advertisements or ads of any kind, just my recommendations. If you want to link to my pages, go ahead. However if you want me to add a link to your page please mail me and I will have a look at your site.

...Please note that these links will redirect you away from my site to another one...

Mail Me.

Please mail me by clicking on the snail if you want to discuss anything you have seen on this site, to send me snaily pictures, report a broken link or to just say "Hi!". If you want me to add a link to your page please send me its address and I will have a look at your site. Or if you would like to link to me please ask and I will send you a snaily banner or a general one at your request.

Stumble Upon has got to be one of my favourite sites. A small toolbar is added to your browser (no adware or spyware guaranteed) and you specify some of your interests and set the profanity filter and then just click "Stumble"! It brings up a random site that fits your interests and you have a chance to say if you liked the site or not. Now here's the clever thing. It learns what you like and what you don't. You can then rate, review and keep an online history of the things you've Stumbled.

Why don't you take a look at my Stumbles? They are the pages that I have liked and reviewed.


 A similar site, which does not install a toolbar is Changing LINKS , a great place for finding random sites!

Another one of my favourite site is Yahoo! Answers. Highly addictive, ask a question on any topic and get answers within minutes from real people all over the globe. You can also answer questions and find out answers to resolved questions. The whole thing keeps you interest with a point scoring, the ability to vote for good answers and the possibility to advance your level. Useful and a lot of fun.
Check out my questions and answers.

Slimy Snails is a wonderful site run by Megan, a snail fancier. There are lots of wonderful snaily pictures of different species from all over the world as well as her own pets. A very informative site that is a lot of fun. A must see for snail fans.

Snails Online is a brilliantly in-depth site about snails and their care, with many bad snail related jokes. Even though I can not say that I approve of the snail recipes, it is a site I would recommend to all snail lovers.