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Hello and welcome to my site which  is dedicated to one of the main loves in my life; SNAILS!. I'm The Amoeba, a 28 year old female from England, (that's my self-portrait!) and this is my snaily homage.
I decided to make this site because I believed that a "shrine" or fan page to those wonderous creatures, snails, was severely lacking. I spent hours and hours looking around the web to very little avail for snail related sites, so I did one myself.
I hope you enjoy my site, I will be adding more things to it as and when I find more pics, so keep looking back
! After you have had a look round, please sign my Guest Book and let me know what you think. Enjoy!
Please feel free to contact me about anything on this site or send me pictures of anything snaily on

Thank you,

Amoeba of Love xxx

Here is a poem written for me by a very talented up and coming international poet Mr. U. S. Jaiswal.


                    Snails are a timid, jovial bunch;
                                   They can slither into any place.
                     So pretty, the therapeutic fellow

                                    Saunter with aesthetic grace.

                     They exist within dense forest,
                                    Survive on whatever they find.
                      They maul through vegetation;
                                     Even sludge they don’t mind.

                      A deaf lot with feeble vision,
                                      With their senses search food.
                      In times of perceptible danger,
                                       Retract tentacles under hood.

                       A nocturnal breed of creature,
                                       Keep active mainly at night.
                       They explore at a snail’s pace,
                                       But can ascend to any height.

                       They are adept without gender;
                                       With strong vigour they breed,
                       Hibernating through the winter
                                        On the preserved fat they feed.

                       They crawl with flawless skill
                                        Right over the edge of a knife.
                       Snails are magnificent species;
                                        Amazement drowns their lives.

                                                           ¤ ¤ ¤

                                                                                                                    U.S.Jaiswal (2008)

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