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AntWeb provides information and high quality colour images of many of the approximately 10,000 known species of ants. Currently, AntWeb focuses on the species of the Nearctic and Malagasy biogeographic regions, and the ant genera of the world. Over time, the site will grow to describe every species of ant known.

Solar power

On the 20th of April 2011 a new solar energy system start supplying electricity for MBC, covering nearly all Center's needs. an Jose’s SunPower Corporation supplied the high-efficiency panels for the 7.8-kilowatt (kW) system. Volunteers from SunPower and the San Francisco based non-profit Vote Solar partnered with a local solar company, Energie Technologie, to design and install the system on the Center’s roof.

In addition to saving the Center tens of thousands of dollars a year in lost equipment and productivity, the photovoltaic (PV) system furthers the Center’s larger environmental mission by reducing its reliance on polluting, fossil-fuel based electricity. The connection between energy and conservation is central to Dr. Fisher’s work in Madagascar, where a principal cause of deforestation is the production of charcoal for cooking fuel. In April 2011, Fisher and the volunteer team travelled southwest to Ranobe, a village on the front lines of this struggle between subsistence and conservation. There they met with local leaders to identify future PV system sites and explore sustainable solutions for meeting the village’s everyday energy needs.


SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq: SPWRA, SPWRB) designs, manufactures and delivers the highest efficiency, highest reliability solar panels and systems available today. Residential, business, government and utility customers rely on the company's quarter century of experience and guaranteed performance to provide maximum return on investment throughout the life of the solar system. Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., SunPower has offices in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. For more information, visit .

Vote Solar

The Vote Solar initiative is a San Francisco based non-profit providing policy guidelines and supporting federal, state and local initiatives, bringing solar energy into the mainstream.

Project Makay Nature

The project Makay Nature was started by Evrard Wendenbaum and carried out by the association naturevolution. The project consists of a series of scientific expeditions, with an underlying goal of conservation of Makay massif in Madagascar. Ants collected in Makay in Makay by Brian Fisher and the team in November-December 2010 and by Jean-Michel Bichain in January 2011 are now identified and added to AntWeb (