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2011 Makirovana

Dates in the field: 2011 28 Apr - 6 May
Team: Brian Fisher, Christian Peeters, Michael Bollinger, Claver Randrianandrasana, Chrislain Ranaivo, Jiji, Fidel, Anna Chernova.
MBC would like to thank ... for help in organising this trip.

Lowland forest patches around Makirovana, north of Sambava, are amongst the most interesting remaining forest from the biodiversity point of view. Alongside with Marojejy, it is one of most diverse localities in Madagascar. In spite of its small size, it still harbours amazing richness, as the forest is situated in the most diverse region of Madagascar, and because of the steep gradient from lowland to highland.

MBC team found at least 38 ants genera.

27 Apr: Sambava - Nosiarina on r. Bemarivo - Antanandava ("Long Village")
28 Apr: Antanandava - first base camp at 415 m.
29 Apr: 
30 Apr: to the top at 1009 m.
1 May: sampling at 550 m and 700 m.
2 May:
3 May: Down to Antanandava - along Bemarivo - up to the second camp at 225 m.
4 May:
5 May: Walk to a top at 400 m.
6 May: Observing and collecting Aphaenogaster colonies