About MBC

Madagascar's first and only biodiversity research center is a joint project of the Bibikely Biodiversity Institute, and the California Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with the Malagasy government.

The Bibikely Biodiversity Institute is an NGO founded and presently directed by Dr. Brian Fisher, preeminent field biologist, and the curator and chairman of the entomology department of the California Academy of Sciences.

The Center began operations in rented facilities in 1996 and moved into its permanent facility in late 2004, which is leased at no cost from the Malagasy government until 2055.

Located within the Tsimbazaza National Zoological Day-night park in Madagascar's capital city, Antananarivo, the new facility is adjacent to the Malagasy Academy of Sciences, the Academy Library, and the Academy Herbarium.

How MBC works

From April 2011, nearly all of the Madagascar Biodiversity Center’s electricity needs are covered by a solar energy system. The system, one of the largest in the country, was designed and installed by Volunteers from SunPower and the San Francisco based non-profit Vote Solar partnered with a local solar company, Energie Technologie. San Jose’s SunPower Corporation supplied the high-efficiency panels for the 7.8-kilowatt (kW) system.