Top 10 Disney Channel Movies



During the 1990's, the Disney Channel produced some of the best movies for kids. These Disney Channel Original Movies or DCOM's had settings and stories that all kids love.

Number 10


This DCOM is about Charlie Boyle, a 14 year old genius who goes to college. Charlie works with a professor to make a scientific machine to defy gravity. Despite all this Charlie has no friends his own age so he decides to reinvent himself as Chaz Anthony, a slacker bad boy, and enroll himself in middle school.

Number 9


Andrea Carson's family is a dirt bike racing family. When her twin brother gets hurt racing she secretly takes his place to prove that girls can race too.

Number 8

Mom's Got a Date With a Vampire

3 kids think their mom's new boyfriend is great, until they realize he is a vampire. They work with a vampire hunter to stop the vampire before its too late.

Number 7

Smart House

Ben Cooper wins a contest which allows him and his family to move into a house that has a mind of its own.

Number 6

Alley Cats Strike

When rival schools split the athletic contests for the year, the only sport left to decide what school is better is the bowling team.

Number 5

The Luck of the Irish

Kyle Johnson is known as being a very lucky kid. However, when Kyle loses his lucky coin he finds out his family are leprechauns and he must fight to get his luck back.

Number 4

The Evens Stevens Movie

The Stevens family find out that they won an all expense paid trip to the island of Mandelino. Little do they know that they are being taped for a TV show Family Fakout, and everyone in America is watching them.

Number 3

My Date with the Presidents Daughter

Duncan Fletcher is looking for a date to his high school dance. The night of the dance he meets Hallie Richmond at the mall, who he then asks to the dance. He doesn't know that Hallie happens to be the president's daughter. Duncan and Hallie have a wild night with the secret service and their parents on their trail.

Number 2

Johnny Tsunami

Johnny Kappahala is a great surfer from Hawaii who moves to Vermont when his dad gets a job transfer. While in Vermont he learns to snowboard with his friend Cory. He finds out that the mountain is split between snowboarders and skiers and so Johnny races against the top skier in order to unite the divided mountain.

Number 1


Andy Brinker and his friends are "Soul Skaters" which means they roller skate for the love of doing it. They constantly fight with a group of sponsored skaters at school, Team X-Bladz. However, when Andy finds out that his family needs money, he joins up with X-Bladz. After learning of what Andy did his friends abandon him and Andy realizes that the only solution is to rejoin his friends and beat Team X-Bladz at the upcoming competition.