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We hope to use this page for information and actions that support our LGBTQAI Youth's concerns and issues. Suggestions are welcome!  -- MACT-Phila. Webperson, John Speer
The Attic Youth Center


20th Anniversary Gala

We invite you to join The Attic on November 16, 2013 at the Crystal Tea Room for a festive evening of performances, awards, and dancing to celebrate 20 years of creating opportunities for LGBTQ youth. 

The Attic began in 1993 as a small, weekly support group, and has since grown into a nationally recognized, multi-service youth organization that is one of the largest community centers in the U.S. committed exclusively to serving LGBTQ youth and allies.   There is a lot celebrate!

Proceeds from The Attic’s 20th Anniversary Gala will allow The Attic to continue to provide high-quality programs and services for Philadelphia’s LGBTQ youth.  Currently, The Attic serves over 1,000 youth each year through its life skills, mental health counseling, supportive services, and community engagement programming, and reaches an additional 5,000 individuals through The Bryson Institute, The Attic’s education and training program. 

To purchase tickets to our 20th Anniversary Gala please click here.


255 South 16th Street Philadelphia, PA 19102 (215) 545-4331 info@atticyouthcenter.org


The Attic Supportive Services

  • HIV Prevention- The Attic offers various support and educational groups that promote safer sex messages and practices. The Attic also offers free, confidential, HIV testing and access to safer sex supplies.
  • Comprehensive Risk Counseling Services (CRCS)- Youth have the opportunity to work one-on-one with a CRCS counselor to identify goals and to discuss strategies related to safer sex.
  • Support Groups- Youth meet together during support groups to discuss their experiences and provide advice, feedback, and support to one another. The Attic offers the following support groups throughout the year:

o    Young, Trans, and Unified (transgender group)

o    Women’s Group

o    Relationship Group

o    Boy’s Room

o    MPowerment Group (safer sex support group)

See the current calendar for more information on when groups take place.

  • Case Management- The Attic assists youth in accessing health and dental care, housing, public benefits, and social, legal, and emergency services. 
SISTAH 2 SISTAHSISTAH 2 SISTAH (Wednesday's 6pm - 8pm)
A social/support group for lesbian youth of color, ages 13-24. The group provides a safe, fun and exciting environment where Lesbian youth can come together as a community to interact and discuss issues in and about our community. We offer weekly social events, open discussionand monthly movie/discussions.

The COLOURS Organization, Inc. • 112 N. Broad St. 3rd Floor • Philadelphia, PA 19102

O: (215) 496-0330 • F: (215) 496-0354 • info@coloursorganization.org

(Info from The Colours Organization)
40 ACRES OF CHANGE (Thursday’s 6pm - 8pm)
This is the only minority-run peer support group for LGBT teens and young adults people of color in the region. 40AC currently employs 4 part-time youth to assist in the development and implementation of our youth peer education and outreach programs.

The COLOURS Organization, Inc. • 112 N. Broad St. 3rd Floor • Philadelphia, PA 19102

O: (215) 496-0330 • F: (215) 496-0354 • info@coloursorganization.org

 (Info from The Colours Organization)
SOCIAL “X” CHANGE (Tuesday’s 6pm – 8pm)
A social activity group formed by and for LGBT youth of color from the ages of thirteen to twenty-three. They are a weekly social events or an open forum making sure that youth can come together as one and interact productively with individuals that share a common bond.

The COLOURS Organization, Inc. • 112 N. Broad St. 3rd Floor • Philadelphia, PA 19102

O: (215) 496-0330 • F: (215) 496-0354 • info@coloursorganization.org

(Info from The Colours Organization) 
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

If you cannot see the images in this message, please go to:

GLAAD: Words & Images Matter

Defend Glee's Anti-Bullying Episode -
Tell FOX Houston to Apologize for Broadcasting Extremist Views

We need your help to get KRIV Fox 26 in Houston, Texas to take responsibility and apologize for the harmful segment ("Is TV Too Gay?") that was broadcast in response to last week's episode of Glee.

On April 26, 2011, KRIV gave voice to one of the country's most vocal anti-gay activists during a "debate" on its news program entitled, "Is TV Too Gay?" The focus was that night's episode of the show Glee which featured a theme of self-acceptance and celebration of diversity inspired by the Lady Gaga hit song "Born This Way."

FOX Houston Calls Gay Characters "Product Placement"

The segment on FOX in Focus began on the wrong foot, by even suggesting that television programs with positive portrayals of gay characters could negatively impact teens. As the show progressed, it only got worse:

  • Instead of inviting experts on young adult development or youth themselves, the show framed the question as "gay" versus "anti-gay."
  • Guest Bryan Fischer from American Family Association took this as an opportunity to make horribly offensive comparisons about gay and lesbian families and called Glee "propaganda."
  • FOX host Damali Keith compared the gay characters on Glee to "product placement" by soda companies in movies, where "everyone in the theater is thirsty for that particular brand."

Watch the Video

Watch the Video

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