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On Saturday, Nov. 15, 2008, MACT/Philadelphia joined other local organizations in sponsoring a grass-root national protest Join The Impact (jointheimpact.com ) against the Passage of Proposition 8 in California as well as well as other anti-gay measures passed in other states.
Where:  City Hall at Dilworth Plaza (west side).
When:  1:30 PM Rain or shine.  The forcast was for rain but the sun shined down on us for a wonderful peaceful protest estimated by police at 5,000.
For more info call the number listed below or check out these attachment near the bottom of the page which will take you to the Join The Impact site where other future actions will be announced.  MACT/Philadelphia endorsed, and was one of the sponsors of the 11/15/2008 rallly in Philadelphia.  Any future rallies listed on Join The Impact or Marriage Equality sites have not been endorsed or sponsored by us unless noted here on this MACT/Philadelphia website.
Enjoy the spirit of the rally!
Youtube videos of the rally are linked below for your convenience.
And in Allentown for Valentine's Day, one of our NABWMT national members, Steve Z, participates at the court house in Lehigh Valley:
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