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User-Interface Basics

The display for squint consists of three main panes.

  1. The File-List displays a list of files in the current project as well as information about them
  2. The Code-Window shows the contents of the currently-selected file.
  3. The Error-List displays a list of errors and warnings for the currently-selected file.
Squint has some preset view options which make it easy to focus on the information you are most interested in.  You can quickly switch between these by using F1F3 or by using the toolbar buttons.

Project Overview mode shows all three panes. It is intended to be used when managing the contents of a projects or getting an overview of errors. You can press the up and down arrow keys when the file-list is in focus to switch between files; the contents of the code-window and error list will change as you switch files.

Edit mode hides the file=list and error=list and maximizes the code=window to give you the largest possible view of the code you are editing.

Fix mode hides the file=list and shows the code=window and error-list.

In addition you can switch the position of the error=list from below the code-window to right of the code-window and back again by pressing F4.

The file-list columns are,,,,

The error=list columsn are.....

For either the file list or error list, you can sort the contents by clicking on one of the column headers or rearrange the columns by dragging the column header.