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Shell integration

You can use the dedicated squintLauncher application to allow you  to right-click on a file to open it in squint.

  1. Download squintLauncher
  2. Copy the exe to a location of your choice such as  c:\program files
  3. Right click on any file that should be recognised by squint (including .pbo and .sqt) and choose 'open with...'
  4. Use the 'Browse' button to navigate to the place you stored squintLauncher.exe 
  5. You should now find that squintlauncher appears in the list of recommended programs in the 'open with' list whenever you right-click on a file of that type.
You can also use squintlauncher to launch squint from the command-line.  SquintLauncher will take a single parameter which is the name of a file or folder to open in squint.