Squint is an editor and static-analyser (error-checker) for ArmA2 and Operation ArrowHead script files. Amongst its features:

  • It can work with .sqf, .sqm, .cpp, .ext .fsm and even O2 scripting files
  • It can perform syntax colouring of your scripts as you work
  • It can analyse your scripts for errors and warn you of them as you work
  • It can suggest fixes for common mistakes
  • It can work on files inside pbo'd missions or addons
  • It can 'expand' included files and macros to help debug preprocessor-related problems
The presentation below gives you an idea of some of the features of squint...

More information


Getting started

There is a dedicated BIS forum thread which is the best place to post questions or comments.

Other information can be found by looking in the navigation pane on the left and expanding the 'squint' section.