RptMon (Report Monitor) is a tool to help you track changes to your arma.rpt file as you are trying out scripts.  It automatically scrolls to the end of the report file as arma runs and flags errors in red.


  • Download and run the setup file.
  • You may find that you need to install .Net4 first.
  • The program will appear in your 'Start' menu under "Mac's Tools -> RptMon"
RptMon uses ClickOnce deployment which means that it will always keep itself up to date and you don't need to worry about checking for new versions.


Use the 'browse' button to point RptMon towards your arma2.rpt file. You only need to do this once as your choice will be remembered next time you start the program.

AutoScroll icauses RptMon to automatically scroll to the end of the rpt file as new lines are added by ArmA.

The Catch-Up button causes the vew to be cleared so that new lines will be more obvious as they are added.

Catch up on Load causes RptMon to perform a catch-up when first started.

The Timestamps option causes rtpmon to prefix each line with a timestamp.


You can enter filters in the 'filter' tab in order to filter out lines which you want to hide. Add filters one-per-line. Filters are c# regular expressions. Use the Re-filter button to apply filters to the current contents of the rpt window as well as any future input.

Other useful hints

Turn off AutoScroll to navigate freely through the file.  You can selection portions of the text using SHIFT-arrow keys or dragging the mouse and CTRL-C works as you would expect it to.  Page-up/down and other standard navigation keys work as you would expect.
CTRL-L turns line-numbering on and off.
CTRL-+ and CTRL-- resize the text.