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2012-2013  - TERM 3  ----- Lectures on Information Macroeconomics
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Topic: Information Macroeconomics

 Week 1 - Apr 24
Vaclav Zdarek  

Lecture 1-2 

Overview and some basics and Island Models

Week 2 - May 1
Christina Ammon

Lecture 3

Private and Public Information

  Week 3 - May 8
 No Meeting
 Week 4 - May 15Spyros Terovitis

Lecture 4

Private Information and Asset Pricing

 Week 5 - May 22Craig Thamotheran
Irfan Qureshi

Lecture 5 

High Order Expectations

 Week 6 - May 29Ilias Basioudis
Zeyyad Mandalinci
Lecture 6 
The Information Revealed by Prices 
 Week 7 - June 5Boromeus Wanengkirtyo 

Lecture 7 

Endogenous Information Choice

 Week 8 - June 12
ROOM 2.79
Luca Zavalloni

Lecture 8

 Bounded Rationality and Learning

 Week 9
Lecture 9
Bayesian Robusteness and Learning

The Group meets on Wednesdays from 12pm to 1pm in room S2.77.
2012-2013  - TERM 2  ----- One Medium Presentation (25 min) + One Short Presentation (5 min)
Topic: Information Macroeconomics
Reading List ( To be uploaded soon)

 Week 3
Christina Ammon

Michael D. Woodford. Imperfect Common Knowledge and the Effects of Monetary Policy. In Phillipe Aghion et al., editor, Knowledge, Information and Expectations in Modern Macroeconomics: In Honor of Edmund S.

Phelps. 2003
Week 4
Boromeus Wanengkirtyo

Guido Lorenzoni (2009). A theory of demand shocks. The American Economic Review, 99:2050-2084(35).

 Week 5 Vaclav Zdarek  

Nimark, K. (2008). Dynamic pricing and imperfect common knowledge. Journal of Monetary Economics, 55(2): 365-382 

 Week 6  Byungkuk Kim

S. Morris and H.S. Shin (2002). Social value of public information. The American Economic Review, 92(5):1521-1534, 2002 

 Week 7 Craig T.
Manuel Amador and Pierre-Olivier Weill (2012). Learning from Private and Public Observations of Others Actions. Journal of Economic Theory. 147(3), p. 910–940 
 Week 8  Alessandro Scopelliti

Manuel Amador and Pierre-Olivier Weil (20l0). Learning from prices: Public communication and welfare. Journal of Political Economy, 118(5):866-907 

 Week 9  Irfan Qureshi

Grossman, S. J. and Stiglitz, J. E. (1980). On the impossibility of informationally e_cient markets. The American Economic Review, 70(3):pp. 393-408 

 Week 10   Elias Albagli Christian Hellwig  Aleh Tsyvinski . A Theory of Asset Prices based on Heterogeneous Information. Mimeo 

The Group meets on Wednesdays from 12pm to 1pm in room S2.77.
Anyone should have a short presentation ready from the reading list below
Here you can download the Reading List for the Short Presentations: ReadingList

2012-2013  - TERM 1  ----- SHORT PRESENTATION (5 min)
   First Paper  Second Paper (to update later) 
Alejandro Gamboa
Arellano (2008)
Burstein (2006) 
Irfan Qureshi Arellano (2008) Mankiw and Reis (2002) 
Zeyyad Mandalinci Ang and Piazzesi (2003) Jeske (2006) 
Boromeus Wanengkirtyo Primiceri (2006) Lustig and van Nieuwerburgh (2005) 
Ana Madeira Veldkamp (2005)

Fei Ding Kueng (2011)  
Vaclav Zdarek Yue (2006) Amador (2008) 
Christina Ammon Melitz (2003) Lagakos (2009) 
Jardine Husman Bigio (2011)
Byungkuk Kim Golosov and Lucas (2007) Midrigan (2011)
Niki Anesti Ang and Piazzesi (2003) Fernandez-Villaverde and Krueger(2001)
Alessandro Scopelliti Bianchi (2011)
 Weill (2007)
Safis-Moustafa Chatzouz Angeletos (2002)  
Craig Thamothera Bianchi (2011)  
Nam Chong Berger ( 2012)  

The Group meets on Wednesdays from 12pm to 1pm in room S2.77.

Here you can download the Reading List: ReadingList