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Archive - Restoration Plan

Car Park

The new car park in Taylor Park will provide a larger number of parking spaces along with improved landscaping and improved entry and exit points.
Designated family parking spaces, disabled parking spaces and bus and coach spaces will be provided.
See attached plan.

The Bandstand

The 104 year old bandstand is to be completely refurbished.  An electricity supply is to be installed and a portable ramp will be stored to allow disabled access.
The new colour scheme will be blue and cream and was chosen to contrast with and also complement the surrounding Douglas Fir trees.

New bridge

A new bridge across the Turret Burn will replace the former Lattice Bridge (built in 1923 and removed in 1992) to make access from Taylor Park simpler and safer.
3D Structural view of the new bridge.         See attached plan.

The Lade

The Lade previously powered the mills and dates back to the 1400's.  Water will be reintroduced at an average depth of around four inches with several small weirs to allow the flow of water to a holding pond at the south end of Taylor Park.  The water will then be piped under the new car park and returned to the Turret Burn.


A new path leading to the recreation area will be constructed to comply with current gradient standards.
New steps will be made with a seating area half way, making the path more accessible.

Play area

A large new play area catering for all age groups will be created taking up the area of the tennis courts and existing play area. 
A water play area is included in the plans.

The Pavilion

The existing pavilion, built in 1925, will be renovated and extended to create one large multi purpose room with a kitchen, toilet/changing rooms and an office for the Park Ranger who will be employed part time.
The building will serve the community as a classroom, meeting place, cafe etc. 
A stand alone semi self cleaning toilet will be built near the Pavilion.  This new building will also house the pumping equipment for the water play area.

New seating

New bench seats have been designed to replicate the style of the original seats.  Some have already been sponsored and plaques will be added with details of the donors. 
Details of sponsorship are available by contacting us through the CONTACT US PAGE.

Floral Display Area

A floral display area has been designed in the shape of a flower with petal shaped borders planted with roses.

Site of Tea House

On the site of the previous teahouse (built in 1908 and demolished in 1971) a decorative trellis will be constructed, designed to represent the outline of the old building.  This will be covered with climbing plants to form a quiet area from which to view the Bandstand, the Lade and the Park.  New seats will be placed in this area.


A wide variety of evergreen and deciduous semi mature trees will be planted in the park.  These trees are available for sponsorship.
Details of sponsorship are available by contacting us through the CONTACT US PAGE.
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