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A very brief history of the park.
MacRosty Park was gifted to Crieff by James MacRosty in 1902.
He was elected Chief Magistrate of his native town three times
between 1867 and 1878.
James MacRosty
1824 - 1906

                                In 1906 the Bandstand was gifted by his brother Alexander MacRosty.
                          Lilias MacRosty, daughter of James, gifted the Tea-house in 1908.
                                                     Sadly, it was demolished in 1971.
                                    The adjacent Mungall Park was gifted by Provost Mungall in 1922.
                                  The Lattice Bridge was built over the Turret Burn to join the two
                            areas.  The bridge was removed in 1992.
                     Crieff Town Council purchased the area to be known as the Recreation Park
                     and the tennis courts and pavilion were opened in 1925.
      Taylor Park, previously the field by the old mills, was gifted by Councillor Taylor in 1938.

The four parks retain their own history and identity, but collectively,

the area is known as MacRosty Park.

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